PAVNPeople's Army of Vietnam
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Charlie Company's destruction of the PAVN mortar positions provided 2-7 CAV the freedom of maneuver, and 1LT Gwin recalled the enemy's formation disestablishment resulting in the PAVN simply walking around in search of surviving U.
13) All components of the battalion remained in squad- and platoon-size formations as each pulled security, fired on small groups of PAVN soldiers, provided medical aid, and awaited indirect fire and reinforcements.
Calling in effective indirect fire on the PAVN positions was a challenging and slow process as the enemy had intermingled among U.
The toll of fighting and the violence of the PAVN attack became clear to the leadership of 2-7 CAV.
This provided the PAVN an initial advantage over 2-7 CAV upon contact.
This book clearly reveals in some detail the tremendous effort the PAVN put into building and defending the trail.
This vital link gave them the strategic mobility necessary to move the PAVN from front to front.
I found it illuminating to read how the PAVN feared the B-52 and especially the AC-130 (they called it the "thug"), which prowled the roads at night.
But the most revealing fact about the trail dealt with how the PAVN built a whole new series of roads after our withdrawal in 1973, when it used the entire complex to move massive amounts of supplies and whole divisions of troops south for the battles of 1975:
The PAVN won the war for the North-always, of course, under the control of the Communist Party.
For example, he explained, if PAVN monitors detected a sudden buildup of radio and telephone communications between 173d Airborne Brigade operating in the coastal Phu Yen Province and the American Special Forces camp at Dak To in Kontum Province, it was a certain tipoff that 173d was preparing to move up to the Dak To area.
On one occasion, I discussed signals intelligence informally and very briefly with the retired PAVN general who escorted the first group of formally trained PAVN cryptographers to South Vietnam in 1961.