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PAVOProfessional Association of Volleyball Officials
PAVOPolish Automated Video Observations (est. 2002; astrophysics)
PAVOPowys Association of Voluntary Organisations (Wales, UK)
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37) Juego dilogico y alusivo tambien en ojo: "Cada uno de los espacios de la red de mallas" (DRAE), y los circulos de colores de las plumas del pavo que fueron segun la mitologia los ojos de Argos, colocados por Juno en la cola del pavo real.
Mudzimai wake akabva amuramba, madzitezvara akamutandanisa pamusha pavo vakamutorera vana vake vachiti aisagona kukudza vana ari ega.
Library director Mirjana Urban's twenty-three-year-old son, photographer Pavo Urban, was killed by the JNA shelling on December 6 while trying to document the damage (Aparac-Gazivoda & Katalenac, 1993; Blazina, 1996; Monografija Pavo Urban, 1992).
Pavo I, Jermendy G, Varkonyi TT, Kerenyi Z, Gyimesi A, Shoustov S, Shestakova M, Herz M, Johns D, Schluchter BJ, Festa A, Tan MH.
Weil's artwork has been displayed in galleries in London, Beverly Hills, Pavo Real, Lake Hughes, Lancaster and Wrightwood.
Nowadays peacock means 'the male bird of any species of the genus Pavo or peafowl, especially of the common species P.
These results suggest that the neurotoxicant-dependent abnormal motor and feeding behaviors may well be tightly linked to binding activities of distinct histamine subtypes in localized brain regions of the Thalassoma pavo.
He is in his second season on Micky Toto, who won at TythropParkone day event this year and finished 14th in the PAVO British Eventing Young Horse Championships this autumn.
the full words pavo, bota) turkey-stupid, boot-leather 'stupid, wineskin' b.
Best-of-show honors went to Sealed Air de Mexico for its Salchichas de Pollo y Pavo, a flexible package that took first place in the wide web process film category.
Lee Hendrie's two first-half goals - one with the considerable assist of a deflection from Pavo Crnac - sealed Wednesday night's visit to Rennes.