PAVPPlanet Aliens Versus Predator (game site)
PAVPPlasma Arginine Vasopressin Concentration (biochemistry)
PAVPPalo Alto Venture Partners (California)
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To effectively communicate with its ever-growing shareholder base, PAVP has hired KRGG Investor Relation Services (http://www.
PAVP will perform a reverse-merger of Digitalus Technology Inc.
PAVP is pleased to announce that the architectural drawings of the hangar and proposed modernization of St.
PAVP is in serious discussions with private and public parties in other countries that have expressed a strong interest in investing a significant amount of capital.
a Canadian airport redevelopment firm, PAVP applied for a name change to more accurately reflect its current line of business.
Looking back, the highlight of PAVP II was a hard fought win to stop a constitutional amendment that would have required proof of citizenship and voter ID as a prerequisite to voting in Missouri.
PAVP is presently in negotiations with three contractors with respect to construction of the hangar, which the company expects to close in a couple of weeks.
PAVP has been in intense negotiations with the target company over the past week and an agreement should be reached in a matter of days.
PAVP is in the process of securing leases for company offices in downtown Houston, TX and Montreal, PQ.
We are pleased to report a new PAVP project section on our Web site: http://www.
s strategy is to restructure PAVP as a merchant bank or a holding company for valuable international assets and ventures.
The anticipated completion date when all shares will be delivered to PAVP is March 23, at which time the name and ticker symbol will be released.