PAVRPercutaneous Aortic Valve Replacement
PAVRPlatform for Animation and Virtual Reality (UK)
PAVRPacific Arts Video Records (record label)
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The intention is to prevent mechanical compression of the pulmonary capillary blood flow and increase PAVR, (10) since RV failure or dysfunction is the most common etiology of failure to wean from CPB.
Because of the limitations of first generation systems - currently in use at specially trained hospitals in Europe and the US - PAVR remains an exacting, challenging procedure requiring great technical skill, and the clinical outcomes vary greatly," said Charles Larsen, managing director and co-founder of Accuitive Medical Ventures.
Based upon the one year follow-up from the first patient and my experience involved in treating this latest set of patients, I am very encouraged about the Lotus Valve's potential to improve the PAVR procedure.
But if good long-term results are sustained, PAVR may substitute for traditional aortic valve replacement surgery in more patients.