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PAWPhysics Analysis Workstation
PAWPerformance Automotive Warehouse
PAWPDA Animated Weather
PAWPost Acute Withdrawal
PAWProud Army Wife
PAWPosterior Abdominal Wall
PAWPerformance Appraisal Worksheet
PAWPetalumans Against War (Petaluma, CA)
PAWPermutation with Any Wavelength
PAWPublic Affairs Workstation
PAWProvisional Airlift Wing
PAWPrimary Application Window
PAWParents Are Watching
PAWPlasma Arc Welding
PAWPets Are Wonderful
PAWPersonal Area Wireless
PAWPride At Work
PAWPets Are Welcome
PAWPort Angeles, Washington (border patrol station)
PAWPosition Adjustable Workbench (robotics)
PAWPetroleum Association of Wyoming
PAWPentecostal Assemblies of the World
PAWPerformance Assessment Workshop (Leader's Institute)
PAWPassive Attack Weapon
PAWPompous Ass Word
PAWPrinceton Alumni Weekly (Princeton University)
PAWPost Apocalyptic World
PAWPortal to Another World (game)
PAWPartnership for Animal Welfare
PAWPartnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime (UK)
PAWPeople for the American Way
PAWPeople for Animal Welfare
PAWProdigious Accumulators of Wealth
PAWPint After Work
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The bird made a startled rise, but he struck it with his paw, and smashed it down to earth, then pounced upon it, and caught it in his teeth as it scuttled across the snow trying to rise in the air again.
Had the porcupine been entirely unrolled, or had it not discovered its enemy a fraction of a second before the blow was struck, the paw would have escaped unscathed; but a side-flick of the tail sank sharp quills into it as it was withdrawn.
Ferko felt so sorry for the little beast that he spoke to it in the most friendly manner, and washed its small paws with the healing water.
Then Ferko recognised the mouse whose front paws he had healed, and replied, 'Alas I how can you help me in a matter that is beyond any human power
The Englishman, finally concluding that he was a prisoner, saw no alternative open but to accompany his captor, and thus they traveled slowly through the jungle while the sable mantle of the impenetrable forest night fell about them, and the stealthy footfalls of padded paws mingled with the breaking of twigs and the wild calls of the savage life that Clayton felt closing in upon him.
They slept on the same cushion with their paws about each other, and gravely washed each other's faces.
I knew that I rose high out of the water, and, with clubbed rifle, dealt the animal a terrific blow upon the skull, that I saw Victory, her long blade flashing in her hand, close, striking, upon the beast, that a great paw fell upon her shoulder, and that I was swept beneath the surface of the water like a straw before the prow of a freighter.
Pistache, on a signal from his master, placed himself on this line, raised himself on his hind paws, and holding in his front paws a wand with which clothes used to be beaten, he began to dance upon the line with as many contortions as a rope-dancer.
Then the miller was afraid, and made his paws white for him.
He was praying--raising his voice in thanksgiving at our deliverance--and had just completed a sort of paeon of gratitude that the thing couldn't climb a tree when without warning it reared up beneath him on its enormous tail and hind feet, and reached those fearfully armed paws quite to the branch upon which he crouched.
They patted it with their little soft paws --"Shall we make dear little muffins?
Then she handed it through the bars to the rabbit, who took it in his paws and opened it.