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PAWPhysics Analysis Workstation
PAWPerformance Automotive Warehouse
PAWPDA Animated Weather
PAWPost Acute Withdrawal
PAWProud Army Wife
PAWPosterior Abdominal Wall
PAWPerformance Appraisal Worksheet
PAWPetalumans Against War (Petaluma, CA)
PAWPermutation with Any Wavelength
PAWPublic Affairs Workstation
PAWProvisional Airlift Wing
PAWPrimary Application Window
PAWParents Are Watching
PAWPlasma Arc Welding
PAWPets Are Wonderful
PAWPersonal Area Wireless
PAWPride At Work
PAWPets Are Welcome
PAWPort Angeles, Washington (border patrol station)
PAWPosition Adjustable Workbench (robotics)
PAWPetroleum Association of Wyoming
PAWPentecostal Assemblies of the World
PAWPerformance Assessment Workshop (Leader's Institute)
PAWPassive Attack Weapon
PAWPompous Ass Word
PAWPrinceton Alumni Weekly (Princeton University)
PAWPost Apocalyptic World
PAWPortal to Another World (game)
PAWPartnership for Animal Welfare
PAWPartnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime (UK)
PAWPeople for the American Way
PAWPeople for Animal Welfare
PAWProdigious Accumulators of Wealth
PAWPint After Work
References in classic literature ?
And as for that monstrous animal with whom I was so lately engaged (it was indeed as large as an elephant), if my fears had suffered me to think so far as to make use of my hanger," (looking fiercely, and clapping my hand on the hilt, as I spoke) "when he poked his paw into my chamber, perhaps I should have given him such a wound, as would have made him glad to withdraw it with more haste than he put it in.
That is why," he said, shifting his paw on the leaves.
I looked at each in turn, and then laid my paw on the false one, glancing at the same time at my master, so as to point it out.
My good friend,' said the youth, 'be of good cheer, for I can soon heal your leg,' and with these words he poured some of the precious water over the wolf's paw, and in a minute the animal was springing about sound and well on all fours.
Look ye, senor," said Sancho, "there's no enchantment here, nor anything of the sort, for between the bars and chinks of the cage I have seen the paw of a real lion, and judging by that I reckon the lion such a paw could belong to must be bigger than a mountain.
He came quite close to the officer and laid a paw upon one of the man's shoulders, studying his face intently for a long moment, then came the expression of disappointment accompanied by what was almost a human sigh, as he turned away to peer in the same curious fashion into the faces of the mate and the two sailors who had arrived with the officers.
Of course the only thing left for it is to dismiss all that with a wave of its paw, and, with a smile of assumed contempt in which it does not even itself believe, creep ignominiously into its mouse-hole.
Andrea went as she directed him, and on the third floor he found a hare's paw, which, by the hasty ringing of the bell, it was evident he pulled with considerable ill-temper.
The first part of the entertainment being concluded Pistache was desired to say what o'clock it was; he was shown Monsieur de Chavigny's watch; it was then half-past six; the dog raised and dropped his paw six times; the seventh he let it remain upraised.
Pussy," said little Alice, putting out her hand, into which the cat laid a velvet paw, "you look very wise.
The broad and weighty antlers of a deer, 'a stag of ten,' were fastened at the corner of the house; a fox's bushy tail was nailed beneath them; and a huge black paw lay on the ground, newly severed and still bleeding the trophy of a bear hunt.
A universal neighing and capering took place; they would rush forward, smell to the blankets, paw the earth, snort, whinny and prance round with head and tail erect, until the blankets were opened, and the welcome provender spread before them.