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PAWAPower and Water Authority (Australia)
PAWAPalawan Animal Welfare Association (Philippines)
PAWANorthern Territory Power and Water Authority
PAWAPortland Amateur Wireless Association (ham radio club; Portland, ME)
PAWAPan American World Airways, Inc.
PAWAPrintmakers Association of Western Australia (est. 1974)
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Aastha Pawa said, "I want to reach till finals and play much better and achieve a gold medal.
Pawa Meri translates to 'Powerful Women' or 'Strong Women.
Pawa Dominicana is the Dominican Republic's flagship airline.
The melodious songs such as "Honda hondama veya lowa kisima thenaka nehe", "Pera kala pawa paladee pape gewawi" have remained etched in our memories for decades.
Professor Atukwei Okai: The PAWA is the umbrella organisation for all African national writers' associations.
Vikas Pawa, Managing Partner, Aeon quoted "At Aeon, nothing excites us more than a challenging project that will truly use all our expertise and the capabilities of our system to the full extent.
r "I would go in the showeo r and she'd' come out ofthe room, wait by people's ' door with her pawa uptosaya please and they'ed' givei her treats
b) pawa [right arrow] [pawa] 'banana' (c) welai [right arrow] [welai] 'Brazil nut' (4) (a) pobe-ja [right arrow] [pomeja] 'canoes' (b) de-ja [right arrow] [neja] 'they' (5) (a) w-e-aikon [right arrow] [weaikon] 'my bench' (b) parawa-to [right arrow] [parawato] 'macaw, sp.
Peshawar -- During search operation in Pawa Kai area of Peshawar at least a policeman and three militants were killed during exchange of fire between law enforcement agencies where a group of militants who were holed up in a house.
Counsel for Kivalina, Matthew Pawa, has filed a petition for en banc review of the 9th Circuit's decision.
9m) term loan of Indian commercial complexes construction company Pawa Builders Pvt Ltd at B+/"stable".