PAWCPennsylvania American Water Company (Hershey, PA)
PAWCProvincial Administration of the Western Cape (Zambia)
PAWCPlant Available Water Capacity (botany)
PAWCPortland Alliance of Worker Collectives (Portland, OR)
PAWCPrairieland Animal Welfare Center (Galesburg, IL)
PAWCParties Advised Will Comply (police)
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The low PAWC under RRR relative to RUR and RUU appears to be due primarily to a decrease in the number of pores, which is consistent with the low matrix porosity of RRR relative to the other cropping systems.
Yield is a function of PAWC at sowing and ICR, whereas PAWC could be defined as DUL-CLL.
Gypsum application increases grain yield by reducing the degree of dispersion, reducing high levels of sodium with calcium, thereby improve calcium nutrition, increasing PAWC and reducing salt load in the rooting depth (Rengasamy et al.
At the Oxisol site, however, lack of profile moisture and the low PAWC of this soil type necessitated more frequent irrigations, with a total of 168 mm applied in five irrigation events from early January to mid-February 2014 (Table 2).
8 t/ha) across zones with different PAWC, but in a below-average season, the variation might only be 1.
We model the benefits from SOC of changed nutrient availability (specifically nitrogen) and PAWC.
The PPG and NF fields depicted similar mean values of PAWC, which were significantly higher than that of CC (by 66.
In this paper, we have chosen to develop PTFs for DUL and LL to allow calculation of PAWC from these values.
In this pot trial in Texas, USA, correcting for the increased depth of the A horizon after mixing showed an increase in PAWC for all three soils.