PAWCPennsylvania American Water Company (Hershey, PA)
PAWCProvincial Administration of the Western Cape (Zambia)
PAWCPlant Available Water Capacity (botany)
PAWCPortland Alliance of Worker Collectives (Portland, OR)
PAWCPrairieland Animal Welfare Center (Galesburg, IL)
PAWCParties Advised Will Comply (police)
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This is particularly essential in fields under CC, which showed the lowest PAWC among the land uses.
Yield is a function of PAWC at sowing and ICR, whereas PAWC could be defined as DUL-CLL.
The potential environmental benefits would be increased rooting depth, increased PAWC, and reduced concentrations of NaCl in the soil profile (Y.
Box plots (not shown) suggested that, except for OC and PAWC, the two GMUs were different in their mean values for all other soil properties.
Because most sites were long-term trial or catchment studies, field-measured bulk density and PAWC (Dalgliesh and Foale 1998) were often available.
8 t/ha) across zones with different PAWC, but in a below-average season, the variation might only be 1.
6 g4* 27 Plot PAWC Geology Australian Soil Classification (A) Open, ungrazed 8 117 MS Black Sodosol C 74 MS/SS (B) Brown Sodosol 2 101 MS Leptic Rudosol D 65 MSe Leptic Rudosol (C) B 38 MSe Leptic Rudosol (C) E n.
In this paper, we have chosen to develop PTFs for DUL and LL to allow calculation of PAWC from these values.
3), which is reasonable as they have similar A-horizon texture and structure and the model is already accounting for differences in PAWC (Table 1).