PAWWSPortfolio Accounting World Wide Security (finance)
PAWWSPagans and Wiccans of Wisconsin Society
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Mike Azzi, 908/665-5694 Information Access Company - Michael Kure, 415/378-5269 PAWWS (div.
In conjunction with the PAWWS system, services offered include:
COLUMBUS, Ohio, March 26 /PRNewswire/ -- CompuServe Incorporated has signed an agreement with the PAWWS Financial Network to offer an online portfolio management package to CompuServe users.
PAWWS combines industry experience, state of the art technology and a secure commercial network to provide individual investors with an integrated array of investment tools.
Whitcomb of CompuServe Incorporated, 614-538-4457, or Cathy Mamola of the PAWWS Financial Network, 201-432-3000/
29 /PRNewswire/ -- "Money Talks," the electronic financial magazine on PR Newswire's Web site, now is also available on the PAWWS (Portfolio Accounting World Wide Services) Financial Network Web site at http://pawws.
The addition of 'Money Talks' will provide the nearly 300,000 registered users of PAWWS with free financial information on a number of diverse topics," said Williams.
Individual investors and consumers at large visit the PAWWS Web site to access diverse information and services including portfolio accounting, online trading with a choice of discount brokers, several news feeds (including PR Newswire), real-time quotes, and more.
NDB Online is a member of the PAWWS Financial Network, a service of Chicago-based Security APL, which has been operating on the Internet since March 1994.
The PAWWS server that we're using has the best security scheme available on the Internet," added Lang.
The Net Investor operates on a system developed by PAWWS (Portfolio Accounting World-Wide), a division of Security APL.