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PAYSPartnership for Youth Success
PAYSParents Association for Youth Sports
PAYSPerforming Arts for Youth Society (est. 1971; California)
PAYSParents and Youth Study (psychological study)
PAYSPractical Applications for Young Science Journalists
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In the same manner as, in opposition to the king's expectation, you refused to pay me.
That is very simple, also: I do not have to pay you a percentage.
And I am as grave as a father confessor,'' replied the Outlaw; ``you must pay a round ransom, Sir Prior, or your convent is likely to be called to a new election; for your place will know you no more.
We pay four cents for a woman's stuff gown, you pay 8.
It belonged to them, they had only to pay the money and it would be all right.
However legal it may be To pay what never has been lent, This style of business seems to me Extremely inconvenient!
Either pay thy debt as I have said, or release thy land and get thee gone from out my hall.
The difficulty is, Sir Knight, that I have no money here; let Andres come home with me, and I will pay him all, real by real.
You will pay the debt before you pass out of being.
Thoughtful, and pay Eudosia's subscription, the former now took her leave.
There will be chickens, pigs, vegetables, fruit trees, and everything like that; and there will be enough cows to pay for a hired man or two.
He advised Jake to ride to town tomorrow, go to a justice of the peace, tell him he had knocked young Shimerda down, and pay his fine.