PB2Second Polar Body
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However, the closest relatives of PB2 in the GISAID database are LPAI viruses found in Bangladesh and Russia (online Technical Appendix 1 Table 1).
The male pronucleus condensed and remained quiescent until PB2 extrusion in the egg cytoplasm, at which point it began to swell.
The crystal structure of the PB2 subunit (accession code: 4NCE) complex with ligand [m.
Los segmentos PB2, PB1, PA, NP y NS proceden de un virus triple recombinante, el H3N2 porcino (TRsw), encontrado en los cerdos de America del Norte a mediados de la decada de 1990.
Impact of amino acid mutations in PB2 PB1-F2 and NS1 on the replication and pathogenicity of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza viruses.
cloacae PB2 es capaz de reducir la misma cantidad en menos de 30 horas; sin embargo, se debe tener en cuenta que la concentracion inicial en el presente estudio fue de 158 mg/L, mientras que en la cinetica de E.
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Many believe that it is not only the HDP, which has allegedly lost the election from PB2 Quetta-2 but all those who believed in democracy, enlighten education, political integration, social harmony, religious tolerance, pluralism and above all the trust of state on Hazaras being a loyal citizens of Pakistan.
BLAST analysis of all genes identified in A/Swine/UP-India/IVRI01/2009/H1N1 Nucleotide Gene length Strain (NCBI Number) Lineage PB2 624 A/Swine/Korea/NS06/2004 North American swine (45-668) (EU301177.
3] Nonstandard abbreviations: PB2, polymerase basic protein 2; PA, polymerase acidic protein; HA, hemagglutinin; NP, nucleoprotein; NA, neuraminidase; M, matrix; NS, nonstructure; RT, reverse transcription; Tm, melting temperature; TR, triple reassortant; EA, Eurasian avianlike.