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PBACPharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (Australia)
PBACPalm Beach Atlantic College (West Palm Beach, FL, USA)
PBACProgram Budget Advisory Committee
PBACPalouse Basin Aquifer Committee (Moscow, ID)
PBACPolicy-Based Access Control
PbAcLead-Acid (battery)
PBACPresident’s Budget Advisory Committee
PBACParameter-Based Admission Control
PBACPictorial Blood Assessment Chart (gynecology)
PBACPolar Bear Administrative Committee
PBACPlanning and Budget Advisory Council
PBACProgram Budget Advisory Council
PBACPrescott Bicycle Advisory Committee (Prescott, AZ)
PBACPre-bid, Bidding, and Awards Committee
PBACProfessional Bail Agents of Colorado
PBACPolystyrene-Bead Aggregate Cement
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Unlike Labor, the Coalition has a policy of funding all medicines recommended by PBAC.
PBAC was synthesized via a two-step process from CHDA (with different ratios of eis), BDO, and AA with tetrabutyl titanate as catalyst (Scheme 1) according to our previous study [21].
9) However, PBAC has had very little attention in this respect, especially for coatings applications.
Each patient was followed for the assessment of PBAC score after 3 and 6 months after the initiation of either treatment.
Number of cases according to PBAC Score were estimated at 1 month, 3 months and at the end of 6 months study (Table 2, 3 and Fig.
The resolution added that "conspiracy existed by and between Trinidad, chairman of the PBAC and the PBAC members who participated in the subject bidding," namely: Roxas, Joselito Manabat and Alexander Ramos.
High PBAC score and/or duration of menses greater than or equal to 7 days with a sensation of flooding or bleeding through a tampon or pad in [less than or equal to]2 h, history of treatment of anemia, clots greater than 2.
This study was a semi-quantitative clinical trial in which we used PBAC to measure blood loss.
Army Core Enterprise Army Lead 1st Infantry 1st Infantry Agency Division Division Lead Enterprise Agency Human Capital TRADOC Manning G-l/MSEG-1 Materiel AMC Equipping AFSBn Readiness FORSCOM SRR/MRR G-4/MSEG-4 Services/Infrastructure VCSA/IMCOM Facilities Garrison N/A N/A PBAC G-8/MSEG-8 The Army Enterprise Governance Model as addressed in terms of division-level enterprise outputs and responsible agents C2 Manning BDE CDR 90A DCO 90A CSM 92Z S1 00B S2/3 IMM S4 90A S6 25A PBO 92Y Total 8 SOC Manning SPO 90A HQ (BTLCPT) IMM (OPNSNCO) IMM Planners 90A Trans/Med 88N/68W SASMO 251A Ammo 89B S6 25B Field Services 92S Supply 92A CL III (B) 92F MMO 91X Total 14
Australia's PBAC negotiated an unrestricted benefit for Lantus in that country at a "confidential," cheaper price after five resubmissions by the maker.
While the CDR and PBAC denied coverage, NICE "felt that the use of this agent might be cost-effective in a small subgroup of patients with severe osteoporosis for whom bisphosphonates had failed, and listed it for this small subset of patients.
The regime is a hierarchical, vertically organized system where scientific information flows upward from the PBTC to the PBAC, and policy decisions flow downward from the PBAC to personnel within its participating government agencies, who then must apply those decisions (Berkes et al.