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PBAMPrimary Bile Acid Malabsorption (intestinal disorder)
PBAMPhilippine Basketball Association of Montreal (Canada)
PBAMPerformance Based Adjustment Model (US DoD)
PBAMPerformance Based Assessment Model
PBAMPeripheral Blood Adherent Mononuclear Cell
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Following the PPS, Army's Medicine's resourcing models transformed from Performance Based Budgeting (2004-2006) to the Performance Based Adjustment Model, or PBAM (2007-2012).
And as a result of the merger of their two umbrella organizations, the PBAM and Muziek Uitleen en Informatiecentrum libraries, both specialized in the field of ensemble music and brass and wind band music, merged into the Musidesk service, the result being a forceful organization that will certainly be very effective in delivering specialized services.
OTCQB: PBAM), the holding company for San Diego Private Bank, has said that the company's stock will trade under the ticker symbol PBAM.