PBB-TEProvider Backbone Bridges - Traffic Engineering (aka PBT)
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According to the company, key aspects of the public demonstration will include: testing interoperability between Nortel's Metro Ethernet Routing Switch (MERS) 8600 and four other vendors in the PBB-TE portion of the backhaul network; demonstrating ATM and TDM traffic over pseudowires between Nortel's Multiservice Switch 15000 and access devices, including a Nokia Siemens Networks Flexi WCDMA BTS and RAD Data Communications' ACE-3200 pseudowire-enabled Cell Site Gateway; showing support for running PBB-TE trunks over a microwave links; as well as testing the latest Ethernet Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) standards.
This deployment only adds to Ciena's extensive experience with connection-oriented Ethernet networks - across both PBB-TE and MPLS-TP standards - and the company remains the only vendor with multiple connection-oriented Ethernet access networks in operation today, including some with 1,000+ node metros.
Ciena's Carrier Ethernet solutions, including PBB-TE implementations, provide a level of scalability and Quality of Service that will immediately benefit our customers," states Grant Kirkwood, CTO of Mzima.
The standardization of both PBB and PBB-TE now remove this barrier and I expect we'll see increased and renewed interest in PBB-TE as a transport technology.
We have demonstrated that our Carrier Ethernet Transport solution and the PBB-TE technology are ready for prime time.
PBB-TE is based on layered VLAN tags and MAC-in-MAC encapsulation as defined in IEEE 802.
One of the principal COE options is PBB-TE, so reaching technical consensus on IEEE 802.
The Optical Internetworking Forum will tackle diverse transport technologies of carrier networks including OTN, PBB-TE, T-MPLS/MPLS-TP and SONET/SDH as well as multi-domain service restoration in its 4th worldwide interoperability demo.
In addition, software upgrades to the CN 5305[TM] Service Aggregation Switch make it the only Carrier Ethernet switch to seamlessly interwork between disparate encapsulation formats such as Q-in-Q, PBB-TE and MPLS/H-VPLS for complete service flexibility and optimization of network resources.
IxNetwork was used to test PBB-TE, TMPLS, VPLS, service OAM, link OAM, BFD and LACP protocols.
Ethos Networks Commercial E-80 Ethernet Service Transport Switch Manages Traffic, Guarantees QoS in PBB-TE Networks