PBGAPlastic Ball Grid Array
PBGAPseudo-Bacterial Genetic Algorithm
PBGAPotomac Basin Group Associates (est. 1971; Beltsville, MD)
PBGAPennsylvania Beagle Gundog Association, Inc.
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According to Amkor, PBGAs produced with the new PGM process and structure offer better quality, reliability and performance and can be less expensive than traditional corner gate molding.
The PBGA cross sectional view of FIGURE 1c illustrates that signal path from die pad to the solder ball can contain wire bond, package traces and via(s).
Among the pioneering work the Institute has done is the widely adopted thermal and electrical PBGA technology licensed to STATS.
PGM is also a more cost effective PBGA structure as it uses higher density substrates and smaller diameter wire than traditional corner gate molding.
To determine the interdependence of body size and die size on the high-temperature warpage response for PBGA packages and the impact on SMT assembly robustness.
The MPC8313E is available in a 516-pin PBGA package and is manufactured using Freescale's 90-nm process technology, enabling 1.
The 24-port DSP is packaged in a 668-pin PBGA and the AFEs are packaged in 144-pin LFBGAs.
The S5543 interfaces seamlessly with AMCC's PPC 440SPe, the industry's first PCI Express based Embedded Storage Processor, and is packaged in a 13x13mm2 144-pin PBGA.