PBGHPacific Business Group on Health
PBGHPittsburgh Business Group on Health (Pittsburgh, PA)
PBGHPituitary Bovine Growth Hormone (veterinary science)
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Due to time contraints, PBGH declined to participate; however, supplemental information regarding PBGH initiatives was obtained.
As a result of the minor increase, PBGH members avoided spending more than $12.
Reality: PBGH has had a clear impact on measuring and managing quality, but participating employers still offer their employees a limited choice of plans in traditional health benefits programs.
Edison, which is a member of PBGH, spends $100 million a year on health care for 50,000 employees, retirees and their dependents.
For example, the PBGH report card included a measure representing the convenience of the plan which is an average of the satisfaction ratings for the location of the doctor's office, the hours when appointments are available, and the length of time spent waiting for an appointment.
According to PBGH executive director Christine Whipple, participating member companies avoided spending an additional $7.
For five years we've been proud to deliver PBGH members promised savings through innovative trend and cost management activities," says Greg Weishar, president and chief executive officer of PharmaCare.
A major health care purchasing coalition, PBGH has been contracted by the state to design a web site and printed report cards.