PBGMPortable Blood Glucose Meter (diabetes)
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The work aims to test the effect of exchanging the final layer of the PBGM for a porous silica layer.
Medical Applications II-15 Glucose Meters II-15 The Diabetes Monitoring Market II-15 Categorization II-16 Biosensors in Home Glucose Monitors II-16 PBGM Devices: Based on Photometric or Biosensor Technology II-16 Product Innovations Rule the Roost II-17 Non-Invasive Products II-17 Blood Gas Market II-17 Sensors Facilitate Analysis of Blood II-18 Market for DNA Biosensors and Genechips in Nascent Stage II-18 B.
OTC/Physicians' Office Diabetes Tests Market II-17 In-home Tests: Making Health Control Easier II-17 Common OTC Tests II-17 Glucose Monitor II-17 Cholesterol II-17 Major Market Segments in OTC/Physicians' Office Diabetes Tests II-17 Urine Strips II-17 Blood Glucose Strips: A Well Established Market II-18 Blood Glucose Meters II-18 PBGM Devices: Based on Photometric or Biosensor Technology II-19