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PBJPeanut Butter and Jelly
PBJPeanut Butter and Jam
PBJPeter Bjorn and John (band)
PBJProbation Before Judgment
PBJPiyush Bobby Jindal (politician)
PBJPartial-Band Jamming
PBJPyrex Bell Jar
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Boards are more efficient, and clear water is where PBJ is really successful.
The average MD fine amount in 2010 USD for a guilty or PBJ verdict in the 2000s was $179, which was less than the average fine amount during 1990s ($204), 1980s ($192), 1970s ($336), and 1960s ($256).
Giving us health care reform without those key ingredients is like serving a PBJ sandwich without the peanut butter or the jelly.
Catherine Gannon was seen to good effect aboard the 11-1 winner, who is owned by PBJ Racing.
O PBJ esteve no poder entre 1998 e 2004, periodo no qual a India testou seus primeiros artefatos nucleares, seguida logo depois pelo Paquistao.
Creamy peanut butter and chunky peanut butter can never, ever be a PBJ, as appealing a snack as marriage between a man and woman is an appealing institution.
The family used their PBJ shorthand to characterize friends and family.
Bennett-Jones, who sold his production outfit Tiger Aspect in 2006 for more than $50 million but still runs his own boutique PBJ Management, has helped to secure a bank loan against earnings over the next five years.
You see how big I am, you'd think I had many PBJ sandwiches, but I haven't.
Today, there are seared foie gras and PBJ sandwiches at Frisson, Crab Cake Tater Tots at the Blue Line Club Car in Chicago and dressed-up mini-burger "sliders" that are truffled, stuffed and perched on pedigreed buns everywhere in between.
The Great PBJ Challenge, which marked its third year in October 2005, encourages schoolchildren to donate jars of peanut butter and jelly to America's Second Harvest of Wisconsin.
PBJ, as he was known, was capped a total of 20 times for England between 1956 and 1963, and but for injuries and the fact that much fewer internationals were played in those days, his cap total would have been even higher.