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PBKPaperback (book)
PBKPhi Beta Kappa
PBKPembroke (postal locality, Malta)
PBKPseudophakic Bullous Keratopathy (cornea disorder)
PBKPhillip B Klingler (composer)
PBKParti Balli Kombetar (Albanian National Front; political party)
PBKPassword-Based Key (cryptography)
PBKPhat Baby Kustumz (est. 2007; Huntsville, AL)
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The high density PBK series is offered in single output voltages of 3.
The SIP packaged PBK series meets internationally recognized UL 60950-1/EN 60950-1 standards and complies with EN55022 Class B limits for conducted and radiated EMC with few additional external components.
With Northern Ontario offices in Greater Sudbury, Timmins and Thunder Bay, PBK Architects works with clients from start to finish on projects to ensure work proceeds smoothly.
6% holding in the Swedish invoicing, payment and debt collecting services provider PBK Outsourcing AB to the Finnish company Pretax Oy.
Now Midven and two retiring PBK directors, Brian Brotheridge and Barrie Ratcliffe, have sold their stakes to the third director, Chris Cummiskey and a new partner.
chief executive officer for PBK, built the agency based on the premise that a "kingdom of ideas" (translation for ideennrerich) is best done using a multi-disciplinary approach.
PBK also manufactures and sells in its own right Wickman multi-spindle turning machines, produced to the original specification and distributed worldwide.
BPH PBK began its cooperation with Euronet in December 2002 when it joined Euronet's ATM network participation program, enabling the bank's 2.
The PBK Series is available through distribution starting at $9.
This agreement increases the bank's ATM network from 720 ATMs owned by BPH PBK to a total of 1,150 ATMs.
BPH and PBK were also spun off from the NBP in 1989 and are owned respectively by Bayerische Hypo-und Vereinsbank and Bank Austria.
The new company, which will be known as Powszechne Towarzystwo Emerytalne PBK (PTE PBK), will sell pension products throughout Poland following the announced reform and privatization of Poland's pension sector, which is expected to be effective on March 1, 1999.