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PBLProblem-Based Learning
PBLPhi Beta Lambda
PBLPerformance Based Logistics
PBLPlanbureau voor de Leefomgeving (Dutch: Planning for the Environment; Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency)
PBLPlanetary Boundary Layer
PBLPhilippine Basketball League
PBLPublishing and Broadcasting Limited (Australia)
PBLPeripheral Blood Leukocyte
PBLProduct Baseline
PBLProblem/Project Based Learning
PBLProject-Based Lesson (education)
PBLPolicy Based Loan
PBLPhiladelphia Belt Line Railroad
PBLPolish Peasant Bloc
PBLPatrol Boat Light (US Navy)
PBLPolicy By-Laws (Australian government)
PBLProtection Ballistic Limit
PBLPower Builder Library
PBLPoints Behind Leader (hockey)
PBLPoly Buffer LOCOS (Local Oxidation of Silicon)
PBLPer Beneficiary Limit
PBLPolicy Blocking List (SPAM filtering)
PBLPlastic Barrier Layer (soft goods packaging)
PBLPunishable By Life imprisonment (Florida)
PBLProject By-Law (Australia)
PBLPeanut Butter Legs
PBLPay by the Load (transportation)
PBLPersons, Behle and Latimer (law firm)
PBLPhrase-Based Language (speech synthesis development tool)
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But many teachers think they're doing PBL when they're really doing a project because the term can be confusing to some.
The PBL jumps confer a great deal of brainstorming and utilisation of prior knowledge related to the problem.
With a need for increased automation and more extensive functionality, PBL looked to make a change in management systems.
The impact of PBL was studied with the variation of group size for instance small groups, and larger groups [8, 11].
The total score in multiple choice questions for the PBL group was 62% whereas for the lecture group it was 64%.
8) In a small minority of cases, PBL is the initial presentation of HIV infection.
PBL strategies are already in use in commercial aviation, often referred to as "power-by-the-hour.
Conclusion: Whatever the trigger formats in PBL, it is the designing considering influential variables that influence higher outcomes.
Scientometrics visualizations bring in the light whether other different countries have changed all of their medical education curriculum to the problem-based learning or have applied PBL in some courses beside traditional curriculum.
First, we'll define what a PBL is and just as important, what it is not.
commented Ronnie Daruwalla, Group Director of Manufacturing Operations at PBL.
PBL requires tutors to function as facilitators who support and guide the students rather than acting as providers of information.