PBPPPaypal Buyer Protection Policy
PBPPPennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole
PBPPPelican Bay Prison Project (inmate correspondence program)
PBPPPodkarpackie Biuro Planowania Przestrzennego (Polish: Subcarpathia Spatial Planning Office)
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Finally, PBPP is committed to effective offender reentry as seen through its partnership with national organizations that specialize in curriculum development for correctional populations, including the National Curriculum and Training Institute (NCTI).
From 2010 to 2013, more than 2,000 offenders under the supervision of PBPP have participated in CLS.
Skeletal age was determined at the three PBPP visits in 1977-1980, using the Tanner-Whitehouse II method of rating hand-wrist radiographs on the maturity of 20 individual bones (Katz et al.
Testosterone was measured at the first two PBPP visits in 1977-1979 by radioimmunoassay on samples of venous blood collected at the time of examination (Furuyama et al.
2002; Wingerd and Schoen 1974), consistent with our findings; increased skinfold thickness among first-borns has also been reported in another investigation based on the PBPP (Stettler et al.
The PBPP study group was a random sample of the CPP study group (Katz et al.
DOC and PBPP personnel combined within the new organizational structure will fall within direct supervision of that new structure, but shall remain employees of the respective agencies.
The MOU does not change the independency of the Parole Board, PBPP Chairman Leo Dunn said.
The MOUs that DOC and PBPP had previously entered into to consolidate information technology, management of data and research functions will continue and not be affected by this new MOU.
The DOC is likewise working on training with the PBPP to ensure that the sister agencies share a common understanding and language with respect to assessment.
In early October 2000, PBPP continued this case pending "receipt of information -- Forensic Placement Evaluation.
At the time this article was written, PBPP had not yet decided on the submitted plan.