PBQPainted Bride Quarterly (Drexel University literary magazine)
PBQPatient Benefit Questionnaire
PBQPittsburgh Bible Quizzing (Pennsylvania)
PBQProfessional Battery Quality
PBQPoor Build Quality (UK electronics industry)
PBQPain Behaviour Questionnaire
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As noted previously, the stimuli that were inserted into the IRAP were based, in part, on a participant's responses on the PBQ.
Algunos instrumentos como el cuestionario VPA-30 y PBQ los completaron los pacientes en sus hogares, entregandolos tras una semana desde que se realizo la evaluacion neuropsicologica.
La version alemana del PBQ fue validada por Fydrich, Schmitz, Hennch y Bodem (1996) en una muestra de 282 pacientes psiquiatricos y mostro tambien una buena consistencia interna (alfa de Cronbach entre 0,78 y 0,91).
Lower scores on all of the EI factors save for Emotions Direct Cognition (which had a poor alpha value) were associated with greater levels of PBQ bonding problems.
The MAS and PBQ indicated that teacher attention was reinforcing Ben's inappropriate behaviors.
Interestingly PBQ enhanced the rate of oxidation of GSH, whereas vitamin E neither prevented nor enhanced GSH oxidation (Figure 3).
The PBQ and DPICS-R outcome measures assess children's behaviors across settings, capturing treatment impact on problem behaviors in the school and home environments.
The PBQ (Behar & Stringfield, 1974) is a 30-item paper and pencil instrument that assesses behavioral and emotional problems.
TABLE 6 Total Path Coefficients (direct + Indirect) for the Proposed Model Full Sample (N = 309) Dependent Independent Constructs Constucts DISC BN SN IRP PBQ PSI PV IRP -0.
Prior to joining Caltrans, Ryan worked on environmental compliance and geospatial mapping at PBQ &D in Orange.