PBUPhiladelphia Biblical University (Langhorn, PA)
PBUProxy Binding Update (mobile communications)
PBUPass Break Up (football)
PBUPredominantly Black University
PBUPreviously Banned User (forums)
PBUPressure Build-Up
PBUPolimorfismo de Base Unica (Spanish: Single Nucleotide Polymorphism)
PBUProducer Business Unit
PBUPartys-Bei-Uns (Partys-by-us)
PBUPassenger Business Unit
PBUPeriodic Building Unit
PBUPhoto Blow-Up
PBUPeriod of Beneficial Use
PBUPremature Babies Unit
PBUProject Barito Ulu (Cambridge University; UK)
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chinesiofobia) Catastrophizing scale e Ansiety-Depression scale Cronomentro tempo permanenza dolore Franca et al VAS G1 e G2 significativi (2012) (38) McGill miglioramenti in dolore e RCT (dolore) disabilita, ma solo in G2 ODI (SS+PBU) significativo (disabilita) miglioramento in PBU contrazione del trasverso.
The PBU has the authority to provide suballotments of funds to secondary budget unit (SBUs) for management.
Neonatal outcome and admissions to neonatal intensive care unit were not different, but duration of stay in PBU was more in oxytocin group.
PBU is an international non-profit making organisation.
The nMAG renews the binding by transmitting the multicast addresses and PBU to the nLMA and receives the response value (=PBA).
The test results showed that both mechanical properties and thickness swelling met the PBU grade for the panels with 25 or 50 percent wood particle content and 14 or 16 percent UF adhesive content in the surface layer.
The subject was instructed to pull their lower abdomen towards their spine, with the PBU under their lumbar spine and inflated to a baseline pressure of 40 mmHg.
Apart from the fact that moratorium benefits have been excluded, this occurs because while pure pensions are linked to salaries subject to contributions, they include the flat PBU component.
Upon receiving this event notification, when the MAG senses that the vehicles communication link is imminent of disconnecting (detachment form it current PoA) will send a PBU message with the new extended flag to its serving LMA as shown in fig 5.
This award highlights Delphi's commitment to safe, green and connected technologies as well as the company's leadership in connected infotainment technology," said Doug Brandt, managing director of Delphi's Infotainment and Driver Interface PBU in Asia.
Nambi began his career with Delphi E&S India in 2001 as a Software Engineering Group Manager for Powertrain Producer Business Unit (PBU) and was instrumental in setting up the Integration, Test, and Validation activities at TCI for Powertrain Gas and Warning Systems PBUs.
A spokeswoman for South Wales Police confirmed they had received a report of a car stolen from outside Ms Fielder's house, registration number AO56 PBU.