PBYUS Navy medium to heavy twin amphibious aircraft used for maritime patrol, water bomber, and search and rescue
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The depth bombs dropped by the PBY had damaged the U-boat's diving planes, surface lights, and had forced the vessel to reduce its speed to 11 knots.
The PBY had continued circling above the area like a vulture, dropping flares to help Oakville spot the enemy and filling the night with the sound of its engines.
Their approach was slow, diving continually to avoid attention from PBYs (American amphibious patrol aircraft) above, but by midnight they had reached their desired destinations before the convoy.
Dynam has produced something very unique, the PBY Catalina seaplane.
Key Features of Dynam PBY Catalina Twin Engine Sea Plane:
But my heart will always be with the faithful PBY, perhaps the most renowned aircraft to come out of World War II.
The PBY could carry depth charges, bombs or torpedoes under her wings.
The amphibian version of the PBY had wheels that folded into nacelles on the hull.
Much to my surprise, I unearthed my description of my first experiences in piloting a PBY.
When it is in the air, the PBY is a plane, subject to all regulations thereof.
Of course, compared to the leviathans of the air nowadays, the PBY seems little more than a Tinkertoy.
The following day Fleming was in the air again, this time leading a flight of six SB2U-3s in a strike against the Japanese heavy cruisers Mogami and Mikuma, which had collided the previous night and had been spotted early that morning by a patrolling PBY.