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PC1Principal Component 1 (remote sensing)
PC1Proprotein Convertase 1 (enzyme)
PC1Prohormone Convertases 1
PC1Positive Control 1
PC1Postal Clerk First Class (Naval Rating)
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Al-Attiyah remained in a class of his own in the car category and was 5min 59sec faster than al-Rajhi through PC1.
The three network measures are highly correlated with each other and with PC1 as expected.
Principal Component Analysis Results Principal Eigenvalue Difference Contribution Ratio Component (%) PC1 6.
Meshal Al-Khaledi headed the bike contingent into the penultimate stage with an overall lead of 2min 18sec, but it was fifth-placed Ahmed Al-Nasser who took up the running and was quickest at PC1.
The ability to quickly customize the Zenascope PC1 to include the measurement of drug concentration is just one example of how the Zenalux system can be easily customized to measure biomarkers of choice.
017), except for PC1 on the W track that showed a trend towards significance (p = 0.
Initially a simple Phidget Switcher was coded that gave us the ability to switch on and off devices by using this program on PC1, which we could then use remotely via VNC.
6, when comparing the responses we selected using CAC against the responses recommended by PCA, we will consider PC1 through PC7, because the CAC suggested seven dimensions were required to represent system behavior, even though the PCA inclusion heuristic suggests that only the first four or five PCs capture sufficient variation in the response data.
Distance of each variable with respect to PC1 and showed the contribution of this variable in the variation of germplasm (figure.
We then created a 3D plot of glycation vs oxidation vs truncation by plotting the PC1 score for each category of protein modification along a separate axis (Fig.
The first principal component (PC1) has maximum variance and the second principal component (PC2) has a variance as high as possible, but less than that of the PC1.