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PC1Principal Component 1 (remote sensing)
PC1Proprotein Convertase 1 (enzyme)
PC1Prohormone Convertases 1
PC1Positive Control 1
PC1Postal Clerk First Class (Naval Rating)
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Thus a revised PC1 was initiated and got approved whereby a meagre sum of Rs6.
Abu Dhabi Racing's Mansour al-Helai began the day with a lead of 3min 02sec over series leader Yasir Saeidan but the Emirati lost over 25 minutes before PC1 and that enabled Saiedan to move through into the T2 lead.
The distribution of percent arsenic species by the index SNP genotypes for PC1 (see Figure S10) and PC2 (see Figure S11) are presented in the supplemental material.
After a while, the MNCH, KP was asked by central government to submit revised PC1 of the remaining 68 per cent budget till June, 2015, he added.
Using the best-performing model, mean feeding sign of Abert's squirrels for all years was associated with PC1 and PC2 (multiple linear regression, whole model [F.
The three network measures are highly correlated with each other and with PC1 as expected.
The PCA including all the variables separated the SP along PC1 mainly by the size of the canines, and placed them on the positive end of PC1 and towards the negative side of PC2.
He left Ha'il second on the road in his Chevrolet Buggy, but the Emirati had lost 14 minutes by PC1 and then stopped in the stage for over an hour and lost his outright lead trying to fix a technical problem, before stopping again.
Association analysis of the SNPs with a residual for PC1, PC2, and PC3 were conducted on the basis of a linear regression using PLINK 1.
He advised the participants that PC1 should be prepared with due diligence in consultation with all stake-holders to avoid frequent changes in the PC1 at the implementation stage.