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PC2Prohormone Convertase 2
PC2Proprotein Convertase 2 (enzyme)
PC2Postal Clerk Second Class (Naval Rating)
PC2Positive Control 2
PC2Precursor Convertase 2
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The distribution of percent arsenic species by the index SNP genotypes for PC1 (see Figure S10) and PC2 (see Figure S11) are presented in the supplemental material.
In third quadrant,the negative values for PC1 and PC2 showed the lowest values of FRSK, LC, TSS, TW in local varietiesi.
En el destino hacia PC2 la ruta optima de EIGRP prevalece tanto en el camino como en la metrica acumulada.
Using the best-performing model, mean feeding sign of Abert's squirrels for all years was associated with PC1 and PC2 (multiple linear regression, whole model [F.
The SAHMRI PC2 configurations have full-height glazed walls, so researchers in the labs and write-up areas can see each other.
1%) as compared to biplots of PC1 with PC2 and PC3 independently (Fig-3).
Each of the nine top candidate models had eight factors in common: each of the five main effects, as well as interactions for PC1 X species, PC1 X year, and PC2 X year.
Pine Bush Equipment specialist Dave Ewald said the Powercrusher PC2 is a great fit for either rental or purchase, in both recycling and small job aggregate work.
The PC2 levels they measured in obese rats, for example, were 53 percent lower than in normal rats.
As seguintes areas de referencia estao compostas por: propriedades PO1 e PC3, que sao areas de campo nativo; PC1 e PC2 sao de mata nativa; e PO2 e PO3 tem como vegetacao um pomar abandonado e pastagem cultivada, respectivamente.
Depicted are two variants--when the status quo of the controller PC2.