PCABPharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (Washington, DC)
PCABPhilippine Contractors Accreditation Board
PCABPrivate Colleges Accreditation Board (Alberta, Canada)
PCABParent Community Advisory Board (Baltimore, MD)
PCABProvincial Council of ADD (Agriculture Development and Diversification) Boards (Canada)
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Meanwhile, PCAB is no longer providing access to copies of contractor licenses to requestors.
The said government agencies also disowned the personality of Rosario Dionico who claimed as the Officer-In-Charge of CIAPinstead of the officials of CIAP and PCAB in the person of Atty.
Not every pharmacy without approval from VIPPS or PCAB sells counterfeit or dangerous products.
0B]: Nao ha diferencas nos niveis de antecipacao assimetrica de perdas economicas nos relatorios contabeis das companhias abertas brasileiras emissoras de ADR gerados pelos distintos conjuntos de regras contabeis: PCAB e USGAAP.
To have a stable debt-to-GDP ratio, PCAB must equal the product of the initial debt-to-GDP ratio and the difference between the real interest rate and growth rate.
The CEIS is the POCBs information system which automates its processes particularly the on-line filing of applications, and the eventual integration of databases with the PCAB licensing and registration to facilitate the process in securing the license.
The PCAB license must be valid and effective at the time of submission of the bid.
Five tables in the first addendum provide information about enrollment in PCAB institutions.
The PCAB already reaches the level required to stabilise the gross debt-GDP ratio in 1994 on the basis of the official assumptions and two years later on the alternative assumption.
In December last year, the PCC filed an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief with the Supreme Court, commenting on an ongoing case between the PCAB and Manila Water Company, Inc.
To ease this situation, PCAB has trained personnel in the provincial office to assist contractors in complying with requirements, Cadena added.