PCACPermanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA (New York, NY)
PCACPrograma Campesino a Campesino (Spanish: Farmer to Farmer Program; Nicaragua)
PCACPasadena Community Access Corporation
PCACPartially Conserved Axial Vector Current
PCACPaul Creative Arts Center (University Of New Hampshire, Durham, NH)
PCACPeople Concerned About Chloramine
PCACPleasanton Cultural Arts Council (Pleasanton, CA)
PCACPredictive Call Admission Control
PCACPoint Code Allowed Control (ANSI)
PCACPrimary Control & Analysis Center
PCACPartial Conserved Axial Currents
PCACPublic Committee on Attorney Conduct
PCACPresident's Committee on Arts and Culture
PCACPlumbing Contractors Association of Chicago and Cooke County
PCACPenncommonwealth Casualty of America Corporation
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To further improve general public health, PCAC committed to a number of sustainable design solutions that were incorporated in the new facility, including onsite water runoff controlled through extensive green roofs, native landscaping, and a below-grade containment vault, which also improves the quality of the water before it exists the site.
Esta distincao trouxe instabilidade e inseguranca para os extrasplanos, pois anteriormente cada termeletrica constituia um grupo homogeneo, sem diferenciacao e, com a criacao do PCAC, estes nao receberam alguns beneficios fornecidos ao conjunto dos trabalhadores, sendo reajustados os seus salarios pelos indices da inflacao.
The PCAC was founded in 1994 as the first Palestinian network for children to provide activities and programs for the intellectual and creative development of Palestine's children.
Aluminium Francaise is the subject of a recent doctoral thesis by Florence Hachez-Leroy, "L'Aluminium Francaise, instrument d'une strategie de groupe, 1911-1960" (Universite de Paris IV, 1995), while the organizational development of PCAC is the subject of the doctoral thesis of Ludovic Cailluet, "Strategies, structures d'organisation, et pratiques de gestion de Pechiney des annees 1880 a 1971" (Universite de Lyon II, 1995).
Notes: There will be a mandatory Pre-Proposal meeting for this RFP at PCAC, 150 S.
The PCAC was established by the Mayor to ensure that the community's voice was included in decisions made at the Port of Los Angeles -- decisions that have historically affected the Harbor Area negatively.
It was raining last night, but the rainbow came out for Wilmington today," said an emotional Ken Melendez, a lifelong Wilmington resident and member of the PCAC Wilmington Waterfront Subcommittee.
The design team met regularly with the PCAC Coordinated Plan Subcommittee and other community groups throughout the plan to receive input every step of the way, and on September 21, 2004 the full PCAC voted to endorse the master plan.
The final plan for this Air Monitoring Study was developed through a collaborative six-month team effort involving Harbor Department staff, harbor area community members, and highly respected air quality consultants who advise the Air Quality Subcommittee of the Port Community Advisory Committee (PCAC)," said Richard Havenick, San Pedro resident and chairman of the PCAC Air Quality Sub Committee.
PCAC Review Marks Final Month of Public Comment on Phase II Approval of "From Bridge to Breakwater" Project
I would like to congratulate the members of the PCAC for working diligently to ensure that the community's voice was heard.