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PCAGPerformance Confidence Assessment Group
PCAGPrimary Care Audit Group (healthcare; UK)
PCAGPentobarbital Chlorpromazine Alcohol Group (pharmacology)
PCAGProstate Cancer Advisory Group (est. 2003; UK)
PCAGPerplex City Academy Games (alternate reality game; est. 2005)
PCAGPalliative Care Advisory Group (formerly Palliative Care Working Party; Ministry of Health; New Zealand)
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47%) patients had potential functional mutations in at least 1 PCAG (see Supplemental Table 8).
To complement the functions of the PCAG, the bureau will establish and maintain an ICT-based system to validate all records collected by the audit group.
Mean responses on the PCAG (sedation) and LSD (psychotomimetic effect) scales of the ARCI were significantly increased compared with placebo (P <0.
The title assistant commissioner is only being used for the PCAG," a source from the BOC told the Manila Bulletin.