PCANPrimary Care Access Network (Orange County, FL)
PCANPrevent Child Abuse and Neglect (child protection)
PCANPennsylvania Consumer Action Network (consumer help)
PCANPancreatic Cancer Action Network (also seen as PanCAN; El Segundo, CA)
PCANPreventive Care Access Network
PCANPurchase Card Administrative Notice
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Records of each incident are retained in the PCAN data base.
PCAN series resistors combine their high power ratings with a low TCR of Ay 25 ppm/AuC and laser-trimmed tolerances down to Ay 0.
Tammy Gray, on behalf of PCAN, will speak to the necessity of fully implementing, into Texas Medicaid managed care, the critical pharmacy provisions recently passed by the Texas legislature in Senate Bill 7 (SB 7) to protect taxpayers, community-based pharmacies and Medicaid beneficiaries.
PCAN aims to provide a voice to patients, health care providers and pharmacists throughout the state, and offer sensible solutions that help ease budget shortfalls, while also maintaining quality, accessible care for pharmacy consumers on Medi-Cal and beyond.
Working with legislators across the state, PCAN plans to push for sensible solutions to address healthcare budget shortfalls that preserve consumer choice and access, while cutting costs and making effective use of taxpayer dollars.
As final legislative consideration before the Texas Legislature took place at the end of the regular session, the PCAN coalition recommended additional policy measures that it deemed essential, such as open access pharmacy networks within a managed care framework, permitting users of Medicaid pharmacy services to continue to retain the option of being served by their community pharmacy rather than a mail order service, prompt pay for crucial pharmacy services, and full transparency regarding administrative and other fees charged by pharmacy benefit managers.
While PCAN believes SB 7's pharmacy and patient protection amendments are a step in the right direction, PCAN will continue to work to ensure additional safeguards are enacted during the remaining days of the special session and the administrative processes that will follow enactment of the legislation.
Testimony by PCAN spokesperson and independent pharmacy owner Tammy Gray and economist Dr.
PCAN aims to provide a voice to patients, health care providers and pharmacists around the country and offer sensible solutions to ease budget shortfalls while maintaining quality, accessible care for patients on Medicaid.
As a result of the PCANs and other related efforts, Navy registration in the DoD EMALL has risen to over 12,000 users.