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PCASPortable Collision Avoidance System (aviation)
PCASPolicy Co-ordination and Advisory Services
PCASPost Construction Award Services (military construction contracts)
PCASPolytechnics Central Admissions System (UK)
PCASPatient-Controlled Analgesia System
PCASPerson Centred Active Support
PCASPositive Cardholder Authorization Service
PCASPosterior Cerebral Artery Stroke
PCASPersonnel Community Automation Services
PCASPersistent Chemical Agent Simulant
PCASPrimary Central Alarm Station
PCASPlutonium Canister Assay System
PCASPersonnel Cost Accountability System
PCASPeel Career Assessment Services, Inc (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
PCASProduction Cost Accounting System (Prime ProData, Inc.)
PCASPrioritized Channel Assignment Scheme
PCASPocklington Canal Amenity Society
PCASPrimary Care Assessment Service (UK)
PCASPatient Care Automation Services (Oakville, Ontario)
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When the final bandages came off we breathed a collective sigh of relief - Violet was beautiful," PCAS added.
Expansorb PLA and PLGA polymers are manufactured under cGMP conditions by PCAS and are expected to be sold under MilliporeSigma's industry-leading Emprove program once rigorous evaluations and certifications are complete.
Once flight testing is complete, the PCAS system will be available for integration with other aircraft and participation in other demonstrations.
PCAS aims to prevent coronary artery disease by highlighting the risk factors in our population and to frame guidelines to combat the epidemic of CAD which was in its early stages and to take measures for the awareness of healthcare professionals as well as the general public to defend themselves from the havoc of this epidemic, Dr.
The PCAS number uses a randomly generated 13-digit alphanumeric code which is encrypted to produce a 13-digit ID code unique to each label at item level.
The PCAS measures PCQ in the context of a specific physician-patient primary care relationship and references the entirety of that relationship (Safran et al.
The PCAS is a tool that can be used in most any ambulatory setting to document short-term and long-term outcomes of care.
10] All PCAS scales are measured in the context of a specific physician-patient relationship and reference the entirety of that relationship (ie, they are not visit specific).
Of particular interest in this article is the use of social class which, as used by UCCA and PCAS, is based on the OPCS (Office of Population Censuses and Surveys) classification.
2] There is another scale from the PCAS that more closely captures the majority of care concept--which Drs Malnous and Gill rightly point to as the traditional view of comprehensiveness in primary care.
Alfred Allen Buenafe, executive director of the MIS Training Center of the PCAS, said the center will provide surgeons a cheaper means to learn MIS.
The PCAS program envisions more precise, prompt and easy air-ground coordination for close air support (CAS) delivery of airborne munitions to support ground forces and other missions under stressful operational conditions and in complex environments.