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PCASPortable Collision Avoidance System (aviation)
PCASPolicy Co-ordination and Advisory Services
PCASPost Construction Award Services (military construction contracts)
PCASPolytechnics Central Admissions System (UK)
PCASPatient-Controlled Analgesia System
PCASPerson Centred Active Support
PCASPositive Cardholder Authorization Service
PCASPosterior Cerebral Artery Stroke
PCASPersonnel Community Automation Services
PCASPersistent Chemical Agent Simulant
PCASPrimary Central Alarm Station
PCASPlutonium Canister Assay System
PCASPersonnel Cost Accountability System
PCASPeel Career Assessment Services, Inc (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
PCASProduction Cost Accounting System (Prime ProData, Inc.)
PCASPrioritized Channel Assignment Scheme
PCASPocklington Canal Amenity Society
PCASPrimary Care Assessment Service (UK)
PCASPatient Care Automation Services (Oakville, Ontario)
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The PCAS system is designed to be platform-, digital radio-, sensor-, and weapons-class agnostic, and to be portable from platform to platform.
Once flight testing is complete, the PCAS system will be available for integration with other aircraft and participation in other demonstrations.
As part of the larger evaluation of Guided Care, missing PAM activation scores, number of conditions, PCAS items, and PACIC items were imputed using chain equations (Royston 2005).
The most substantial difference in this study and Colquitt (2003) is a more comprehensive set of available data for RMIR and the NAAJ along with the inclusion of the PCAS.
The newly created company, PCAS-NANOSYN, LLC, will enable PCAS and Nanosyn to satisfy a broader range of customer needs in the pharmaceutical and biotech marketplaces by offering fully integrated custom chemical services from discovery to commercialization.
Charles Townsend of General Dynamics, and a special projects engineer at Hill AFB, assisted Larson in understanding the Air Force technical requirements and translated them into specifications and test requirements, for the new PCAS solution.
7 million euros in 2008 respectively, the PCAS Group's net income recorded a 0.
The PCAS measures PCQ in the context of a specific physician-patient primary care relationship and references the entirety of that relationship (Safran et al.
PCAS tactical datalinks facilitated data sharing between the pilot and JTAC to determine the timed release of precision-guided munitions.
Calyptus has around 40 client companies, including ADL Partners, Boizel Chanoine Champagnes, Calyon, Gecina, Guyenne et Gascogne, Harvest, Kindy, Leon de Bruxelles, Maesa, Nexans, Parrot, PCAS, Press Index, Prodware, Promeo, Quantel, Rentabiliweb, Rougier and Weborama.
By delivering critical information to decision makers more quickly, PCAS will save lives in the battlespace.
ChemMatrix is a patented 100% PEG resin from PCAS BioMatrix that offers substantial advantages over traditional PS and PEG based resins for solid phase peptide synthesis.