PCATIPublic Committee Against Torture in Israel
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Just two months before the outbreak of 'Cast-Lead' the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), a promilitary think tank at Tel Aviv University, published an article by a Colonel reservist who claimed that "this approach is applicable to the Gaza Strip as well" (quoted in PCATI, 2009, page 21).
PCATI, 2009, "No second thoughts: the changes in the Israeli defense forces' combat doctrine in Light of 'Operation Cast Lead'", Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, Jerusalem, http:// www.
Methods of torture and ill treatment of Palestinian prisoners since 1999, according to the PCATI, include "sleep deprivation, binding to a chair in painful positions, beatings, slapping, kicking, threats, verbal abuse and degradation," special methods like "bending the body into painful positions," "forcing the interrogee to crouch in a frog-like position ('kambaz'), choking, shaking and other violent and degrading acts (hair-pulling, spitting, etc.
PCATI argues that the government exploited this loophole to declare more detainees ticking time bombs and overstepping the court's intended scope.
The PCATI report noted 90 testimonies of abuse between 2006 and 2007, but said the actual number of cases is higher.
According to the PCATI, even the cases that made it to trial resulted in convictions of soldiers on charges that carry no more than a four-month prison term.
11) In an expert opinion in PCATI, scholar Antonio Cassese suggested that in addition to a person engaged in combat, a civilian "engaging in a military deployment" preceding an attack is directly participating if "he carries arms openly during the military deployment.
PCATI will likely be influential in shaping the international legal rules on targeted killings.
DCI-Palestine, Adalah and PCATI called on the Israeli Prime Minister to take immediate action to stamp out what appears to be systematic and institutionalized abuse of Palestinian children held in Israeli custody.
According to human rights organizations like B'Tselem, Hamoked, UAT and PCATI, up to 85% are subjected to torture and abusive treatment.
PCATI is a 1990-founded "independent human rights organization" that monitors and decries "the use of torture in (Israeli) interrogations (and works for its) complete prohibition.