PCBHPrisoner Cell Block H (UK TV series)
PCBHPersonal Care Boarding Home
PCBHPrimary Care Behavioral Health (various locations)
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PE-PC was developed for use by BHCs working from the PCBH model of service delivery (Hunter, Goodie, Oordt, & Dobmeyer, 2017; Robinson & Reiter, 2016).
Financed by the Malaysian firm, Alloy MTD, in a partnership with the city and the province, PCBH serves both as Nueva Ecija's concentration of businesses and as the city's government center.
Researchers have shown that the PCBH model has positive effects on the level of organization (e.
To help define the PCBH model, Beehler and colleagues offer a list--derived from the literature--of common PCBH elements and note that the PCBH field has yet to come to agreement on the elements that comprise their model.
PCBH is considered a population-based model because it aims to improve the overall health of a population by delivering less intensive services to virtually all patients rather than delivering high-intensity services to only patients with the highest needs who are seeking care (Katon & Seelig, 2008; Robinson & Reiter, 2007, 2016).
The current article described a quality improvement (QI) pilot project that integrated a pharmacist onto a PCBH team to provide population-based monitoring of psychotropic medication regimens.
Numerous authors have described what the implementation of the PCBH model should look like, including the types of patients seen, the format of appointments, and proposed clinical treatment plans (e.
In the PCBH Model of ICC, as compared with colocated care, the BHP is a member of the medical team.
In military medical treatment, providers often wear multiple hats, and in so doing come into contact with quandaries about competence for delivery of PCBH services and boundaries concerning delivery of care to coworkers.
Although relevant for specialty practice, the discussion does not specifically address issues arising in models of integrated care, such as a PCBH model.
Note that PCBH is one of many models that has been proposed for optimizing the integration of behavioral health providers into primary care medical settings (Gatchel & Oordt, 2003; Hunter, Goodie, Oordt, & Dobmeier, 2009; Robinson & Reiter, 2007).
The PCBH model comes closer to achieving the principles of the PCMH goals than the CM model of care.