PCCFPrincipal Chief Conservator of Forests (India)
PCCFPraise Chapel Christian Fellowship (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
PCCFPalmer College of Chiropractic Florida (Port Orange, Florida)
PCCFPakistan Counter-Insurgency Capability Fund
PCCFPlymouth County Correctional Facility (Plymouth, Massachusetts)
PCCFProtein C Cofactor
PCCFPorter County Community Foundation (Indiana)
PCCFPhilippine Communication Centrum Foundation
PCCFPhiladelphia Comprehensive Center for Fathers
PCCFPurdue Chinese Christian Fellowship
PCCFPollock Chinese Christian Fellowship (UK)
PCCFPossible Credit-Card Fraud (retail/mail order)
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This is perhaps the first organized workshop in the history of Kerala and the aim is to share the knowledge of elephant management methods that exist in addition to traditional forms of management used in Kerala to improve the man animal bonding and the welfare of captive elephants in the state " said Dr B S Corrie, - PCCF and Head of Forest Force
Senator Enverga, who represents the province of Ontario in the Canadian Senate, looked amused when asked why PCCF chose beauty contests as fund-raisers.
Rosemer is executive vice president of PCCF and is hands-on in fund-raising projects.
Aside from the pageants, the PCCF also hosts an annual Pinoy Fiesta and Trade Show in Toronto-considered the biggest Filipino-hosted indoor event in Canada-to raise money.
Dr Gopal has conveyed his intention to the state PCCF, but there was no intimation of the date.
In this regard PCCF had sent a proposal to the state government in June 2009, however till date no action was taken by the state government in this regard.
The description of the PCCF stated in the budget documents released by the State Department state that the PCCF "enhances the capabilities of the Pakistan Army, the Pakistan Air Force, and the Frontier Corps by meeting their needs for training, equipment, and infrastructure.
The PCCF will assist the Government of Pakistan to eliminate the violent extremists' ability to operate along its border with Afghanistan, and its account will reportedly draw down when the need for intensive support for engagement against terrorist organisations in Pakistan declines.
The budget documents also outline certifications that the US secretary of State is required to make to various Congress committees before funds such as the Foreign Military Financing Program, PCCF etc.
So the unique part of the budget, the extraordinary part of the budget is the PCCF," said the administration official.
029 billion, there will be a similar increase in the PCCF, it added.
The PCCF would allow Central Command chief General David Petraeus to press for additional Pakistani acceptance of US training, US officials said.