PCHRPalestinian Centre for Human Rights
PCHRPersonally Controlled Health Record (healthcare)
PCHRPhiladelphia Commission on Human Relations
PCHRPort Colborne Harbour Railway
PCHRPartners in Community Health Research Training Program (University of British Columbia, Canada)
PCHRPublic Citizens Health Research Group
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According to investigations conducted by PCHR and statement of an eyewitness, at approximately 13:30, Ersheid entered the Ibrahimi Mosque's yard through a metal detector gate fixed between the aforementioned yard and the old market in the city.
PCHR cited the case of 17-year-old Dania Ersheid among other cases - who was fatally shot by Israeli border guards at approximately 13:30 on Sunday, 25 October 2015, in what the center described as a new cold-blooded crime.
Members PCHR strongly condemned Kot Radha Kishan incident and said that these kinds of brutal acts cannot be tolerated.
The electronic PCHR will be evaluated in 2014 for its usability and particularly to ensure that no group of parents is disadvantaged.
PCHR also called for activating global accountability tools against Israel
She further explained the thrust of her concern: "PCHR was able to file these cases thanks to a 300,000 euro grant from the European Union that was channeled to PCHR from the organization Oxfam Novib".
During the same period, Gaza's security forces raided the Wafa news agency offices in the Tal al-Hawa Quarter in Gaza City, according to PCHR.
PCHR strongly condemns the use of excessive force by Israeli forces against the Palestinian civilians in disregard for their lives.
The call for abolition of the death penalty does not reflect a tolerance for those convicted of serious crimes, but it is based on a moral, philosophical and legal position when considering deterrent penalties that maintain our humanity, especially that this is a non-retractable punishment in case of implementing it, said PCHR.
Public contract executed in an open tender for the supply of indykacyjnych to PCHR - 54M1 (with a value in excess of 134 000).
PCHR reviewed IDF killing of Gaza's children since the beginning of the Second Intifada in September 2000, then focused on the 313 youth deaths during the recent conflict.
Other than PCHR, there are dozens of attorneys from Britain, Norway, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Spain working on lawsuits against Israel andwhich will be filed under the principle of universal jurisdiction, which studies cases of war crimes, genocide, torture and crimes against humanity.