PCIIIPersonnel Concept III (USAF Personnel MIS)
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In this study, PR treatment rescued the increased serum levels of collagenic components (HA, LN, PCIII and CIV), and Hyp and Col I levels in the DMN-lesioned liver.
aureus x aureus x aureus x hybrid hybrid hybrid 1 2 3 PCII PCIII PCII PCIII PCII Standard 0.
Characters hybrid 1 hybrid 1 hybrid 2 x hybrid x hybrid x hybrid 2 3 3 PCII PCIII PCII PCIII PCII Standard 0.
As is shown in Table 2, compared with the model group rats, serum levels of HA, LN and PCIII were significantly reduced in RA treated groups (p<0.
HA, LN and PCIII levels in serum and HYP in liver are the important indices reflecting the degree of hepatic fibrosis (Hayasaka and Saisho 1998; Korner et al.
Results exhibited RA significantly higher potency in inhibiting serum levels of HA, LN and PCIII, ameliorating liver function and fibrosis severity, inhibiting TGF-[beta]1 and CTGF expression in fibrotic liver.