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PCRMPhysicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
PCRMParty of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (political party)
PCRMPacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine (Canada)
PCRMPredictive Customer Relationship Management
PCRMProgram Control and Resources Management
PCRMProject Cost Resources Management
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Cutting them out totally, as the PCRM would have us do?
The PCRM had campaigned on pledges to stabilise the country in the face of the global financial crisis, as well as to maintain friendly ties with Russia.
Perhaps more troubling is the fact that the study's co-author, Amy Joy Lanou, PhD, an assistant professor of health and wellness at UNC, is also listed as a "senior nutrition scientist" with the PCRM.
After three weeks, many if not all of these symptoms may be reduced and possibly eliminated," said PCRM dietitian Susan Levin, M.
The PCRM alleges that Merck's claim about naproxen's benefits was based on animal tests.
In 1999, PCRM led an effort, including a successful lawsuit and an expose of dairy industry ties with members of the Federal 2000 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, to make dairy products optional in Federal food guidelines.
The founder and president of PCRM, Neal Barnard, MD, is a psychiatrist who has written a number of books on vegetarianism, nutrition, and health.
In a letter sent today to the USDA, PCRM calls on the agency to stop dumping what they call "high-fat and cholesterol-laden pork products" into schools in order to boost farmers' incomes.
PCRM harnesses the power of neural network modeling to determine who are the right customers to keep and nurture, allowing insurance companies to target AND customize their marketing to the right customers at the right time.
PCRM enables highly customized interactions with individual customers, predicting behavior and optimizing the value of the interaction.
PCRM contact: Greg Mazur, Research and Education Programs Coordinator Address: PCRM, 5100 Wisconsin Ave.