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PCRMPhysicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
PCRMParty of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (political party)
PCRMPacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine (Canada)
PCRMPost Construction Reclamation and Monitoring (various locations)
PCRMPredictive Customer Relationship Management
PCRMProgram Control and Resources Management
PCRMProject Cost Resources Management
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Sur le front de la presse ecrite, le PCRM a la pleine main sur le journal traditionnellement proche du pouvoir, Moldova Suverana dont les editorialistes defendent avec enthousiasme les faits et gestes du gouvernement et denigrent violemment ses opposants.
Cutting them out totally, as the PCRM would have us do?
The PCRM had campaigned on pledges to stabilise the country in the face of the global financial crisis, as well as to maintain friendly ties with Russia.
Perhaps more troubling is the fact that the study's co-author, Amy Joy Lanou, PhD, an assistant professor of health and wellness at UNC, is also listed as a "senior nutrition scientist" with the PCRM.
In the wake of these elections Vladimir Voronin, the leader of the new parliamentary majority party, the PCRM, was selected as president in March 2001.
The fat, cholesterol and cancer-causing agents in chicken, turkey and other poultry meats are damaging America's health," says PCRM nutritionist Tim Radak.
She had no previous history of heart problems, according the PCRM.
The PCRM was founded in 1985 and devotes the majority of its time to anti-animal-consumption efforts.
Some physicians such as PCRM head Neal Barnard feel that standard diet and lifestyle recommendations do not go far enough to be able to actually reverse disease.
Toeing a hard line, PCRM insists no one should consider increasing their intake of such high-fat and cholesterol foods as eggs, cheese and butter, regardless of dieting theories.
And according to the PCRM survey, even the omnipresent Starbucks now offers a turkey sub with mustard, veggie sandwiches and yogurt and fresh fruit salad.