PCRSPrimary Care Reimbursement Service (Ireland)
PCRSPartner Counseling and Referral Services
PCRSPeacekeeping Capability Readiness System (UN)
PCRSPearl Community Rating System (Estidama; United Arab Emirates)
PCRSPacific Community Resources Society (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
PCRSPrimary Casualty Receiving Ship (Naval)
PCRSPrimary Care Rheumatology Society (est. 1986; UK)
PCRSPointing Calibration & Reference Sensor (telescope)
PCRSProgressively-Censored Reliability Sampling
PCRSPeace and Conflict Resolution Studies (university; various locations)
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New Market Dynamics in Rotomolding," PCRS, January 2003.
The Asthma UK Cymru and PCRS survey also revealed almost two-thirds of GPs thought there is not enough time to educate patients about asthma.
Por el mismo motivo, distribuciones no normales, se empleo la prueba de los signos de Wilcoxon para comparar la version paciente y version informador del PCRS con el proposito de valorar la existencia de diferencias entre ambas versiones, tal y como refiere la literatura (Flashman y McAllister, 2002; Prigatano, 2005).
The PBRS and the PCRS are applied at the design and construction stages of the process to ensure the sustainability targets are being addressed through all stages of the project.
In 1989, NCDHHS began offering PCRS to clients who tested HIV positive in confidential and anonymous testing venues.
Sana Zakir, Lecturer, PCRS, and University of Swabi.
SCE Tender no: LT13108200 Description: The scope of this tender is about EPIC for implementation of 6 mechanical PCRS in NGL 3, gas operations, Mesaieed brief description: Qatar Petroleum (QP) intends to improve its operational processes, environmental controls and safety regime at its existing NGL plants, gas operations by implementing additions and modifications as described hereinafter.
In 1995 PCRS researched and published the first comprehensive economic/technical analysis of the North American rotomolding business, tracking the growth dynamic from its origins up through the decade of the 1990s.
EPIC of three instrument PCRS at NGL-3 Tender no: Lt 13107800 Description: The scope of this tender is about PCR 386 as part of the booster compressor package by NP, three temperature sensors have been provided at the discharge of first stage / second stage one each for indication, alarm and trip, since the turbine booster compressor control system integrated to ITCCS mark vie, all three sensors have been provided with indication, but alarm / trip is still connected to the single sensor as previously, hence the modification required to connect the alarm / trip signals to the 2oo3 logic to avoid unnecessary spurious trips due to single failure.
EPIC for mechanical PCRS Tender no: LT12108800 Description: Site survey, engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning of fifteen (15) mechanical Plant Change Requests (PCR's) modification works including associated works at various production stations within Dukhan Fields.
EPIC of Two Instrument PCRS at NGL-MES & GDS Station
Like his boss, Barreto, Armendariz said PCRS are not the key players in the administration's anti-bundling strategy.