PCRTProcess Compensated Resonance Testing
PCRTPersonal Computer Repair Technician
PCRTPancreatic Cancer Research Team
PCRTPhiladelphia Conference on Reformed Theology
PCRTPre-Inspection Compartment Readiness Test
PCRTPain Control and Rational Thinking (rheumatoid arthritis)
PCRTPreemptive Cadaveric Renal Transplantation
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the "Manager"), PCRT aims to provide its Unitholders with longterm capitalgrowth from the steady growth of PCRT's net asset value per unit and regular distributions from stabilised income-producing assets.
23] We chose the PCRT validated instrument for this study because it is self-administered and suitable as a mail-in questionnaire.
This result reinforces the value in evaluating treatment-related toxicity with the PCRT or similar instruments.
During 2002 and 2003, Citation procured and installed the PCRT systems for the two parts.
In the rear knuckle system, a work cell approach is used, where the PCRT is combined with a Brinell hardness test.
Based on the company's patented two-stage filter technology, the PCRT system is designed to fill the gap between a CARB Level 1 (25%+ reduction) and a CARB Level 3 (85%+ reduction) device, serving as an intermediate, CARB Level 2 technology that operates successfully on a wider range of engines while reducing PM by at least 50%.
The PCRT technology doubles the PM reduction capability of DOC devices traditionally used for these applications, achieving at least 50%--and up to 77%--PM reduction, the company said.
The CEO of a facility normally will create the PCRT.
Vibrant Corporation provides PCRT services to the Aerospace and Power Generation industries.
PCRT technology is a revolutionary, resonance based, non-destructive testing technology that can determine if a component is structurally sound and free of defects and damage.
The PCRT can also be used for part categorization to eliminate the rejection of acceptable components during maintenance inspections.
Vibrant Director of Operations Greg Weaver said: The ability to build PCRT systems in-house is a tremendous asset for Vibrant.