PCRWProduction Credit for Rural Women (Nepal)
PCRWPhase Change ReWritable
PCRWPark Cities Republican Women (est. 1960; Texas)
PCRWPsychosocial Costs of Racism to Whites Scale (behavioral science)
PCRWPennsylvania Council of Republican Women (est. 1923)
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As was mentioned earlier, the main aim of PCRW was to institutionalize into the overall government infrastructure the development needs of women.
Another problem with the programme is the high cost of service delivery with the World Bank estimating that the PCRW would have to raise their lending rates of interest to 72.
The PCRW is also facing problems with a high rate of staff turnover, which can also be seen as raising the costs of operations due to the expense associated with the training of new people.
As was seen from the descriptions of the SFDP and PCRW, poor management has been a major factor affecting the performance of these programmes.
The PCRW, on the other hand, has a problem with a limited number of field staff, which acts as an impediment to the expansion of the programme.