PCRWRPakistan Council of Research in Water Resources
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The sources in the Ministry of Science and Technology confirmed that a summary for the extension of the contract of PCRWR chairman Dr Muhammad Ashraf was ready to be signed by the minister and to be sent to the Cabinet Division for approval from the federal cabinet.
Hence in remarks the research officers of PCRWR said that "the water is unfit for drinking purpose due to parameters mentioned above under prescribed standards".
Since last year, the PCRWR has sent weekly information to farmers like Ashraf through text messages, telling them how much water their crops need.
In its statement, PCRWR warned that high levels of arsenic can cause various skin diseases, diabetes, kidney diseases, birth defects, heart diseases, hypertension, black foot disease and many types of cancers.
PCRWR reportedly found 59 percent of the water samples unfit for drinking in Islamabad, while 83 percent of the samples collected from villages across Rawalpindi district were deemed unsafe by the officials.
PCRWR has called for a rehabilitation program and believes it is vital to redesign water schemes with older schemes getting priority.
Convener of the committee, Member National Assembly, Ali Mohammad Khan directed officials of Ministry of Science and Technology that they employees served 13 years to run the laboratories of PCRWR and it was responsibility of the state to give them employment on priority.
He said that before release of the report, the PCRWR had carried out various water quality monitoring projects in the country, adding that 69-82 per cent water samples, collected from 2,807 villages in 24 districts, were found contaminated or unsafe for drinking.
The event was jointly organized by UNESCO, Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), PCRWR, UNESCO's category-II centre ICHARM, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and a number of Pakistani and Japanese organisations.
ISLAMABAD -- The 5th meeting of Board of Governors of PCRWR was held on Wednesday at PCRWR Headquarters, Islamabad.
167 million for demarcation of groundwater quality zones in indus plain and marginal areas for sustainable development and management of groundwater (Lower Indus Plain) PCRWR and Rs.