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PCSAPersonal Computing System Architecture
PCSAPre-Construction Services Agreement
PCSAPolarizer-Compensator Sample Analyzer
PCSAPhysiological Cross Sectional Area (biomechanics of muscles)
PCSAPrimary Care Service Area
PCSAProstate Cancer Support Association (various locations)
PCSAPet Care Services Association (Colorado Springs, CO)
PCSAPeace Corps South Africa
PCSAPlastic Card Security Act (Minnesota)
PCSAPersonal Computing Systems Architecture
PCSAPower Crane and Shovel Association
PCSAPeel Committee on Sexual Assault (Canada)
PCSAPresbyterian Church of Southern Africa
PCSAProperty Control System Analysis
PCSAPatrol Craft Sailors Association
PCSAPorsche Club of South Australia
PCSAPrimary Census Statistical Area
PCSAPresbyterian Church of South Africa (religious denomination; South Africa)
PCSAPersonal Computer Support Advisor
PCSAParents, Carers School Association (UK)
PCSAPresident's Council of Student Advisors (various organizations)
PCSAPublic Child Service Agency (Ohio)
PCSASeaman Apprentice, Postal Clerk Striker (Naval Rating)
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Para la eleccion de las medidas de conservacion que integraran el PCSA, se debia conocer el o los sistemas de cultivos existentes en el area a intervenir, a fin de determinar que practicas serian compatibles con los distintos sistemas de produccion; para esto se efectuaron visitas al area de trabajo para:
To create the analytical file, the patient-level information obtained from discharge data for hospitals of these states was linked to PCSA-level contextual variables through the PCSA location of patients.
In order to be considered for accreditation, facilities must be in business for a minimum of six months, must submit a detailed binder of information documenting all of their business and pet care practices and demonstrating that they meet the standards set forth by PCSA, and must pass an on-site inspection.
When assessed by the PCSA (Harter and Pike 1984), on average the children in the sample scored towards the positive or competent end of the four point rating scale on both physical and cognitive competence and peer and maternal acceptance.
Lower values for PCSA are to be expected in cadaver data because of the effects of atrophy from aging, illness, and bed rest.
However, in PCSA black congregations both men's and women's organizations remained strong and powerful, and the same was true of RPCSA congregations.
It was in this context that the PCSA, through its Cape Town presbytery, called for a declaration of faith to be made, clarifying its position on the racial issue.
In this study, we use PCSA as the small area unit, a group of zip codes validated in previous research as natural markets for primary care (Goodman et al.
Later on the RPC expected the PCSA to hand over all African churches to them.
The torque generated by each muscle was calculated by multiplying the NIEMG value by the PCSA and MA of the muscle, consistent with the approach employed by Granata and Marras (1993, 1995) for the trunk musculature.
Following a one-year PCSA (Pre-Construction Services Agreement) period, the VINCI Construction teams, working for the first time under the PLENDI brand, will be responsible for renovating all rooms and public areas in the hotel.