PCSCPersonal Computing Support Center
PCSCPersonal Computer / Smart Card
PCSCpricing and classification service center (US Postal Service assistance facility)
PCSCPersonal Communications Switching Center
PCSCPontifical Council for Social Communications
PCSCPreliminary Certificate in Social Care (UK)
PCSCPersonal Computer Site Coordinator
PCSCProgram Change Sub-Committee
PCSCprivate child support collector
PCSCProfessional Certificate in Specialty Construction
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Since PCSC rates indicate primary care quality offered by a municipality, it may be inferred that the non-provision of adequate assistance in PHC services worsens the disease and the need for assistance.
Maraee was identified as a PEP since he is on the PCSC board (the previous incarnation of the investment fund).
Currently PCSC imports more than 80 percent of the local
Another example is the PCSC whose performance has been renderedt ineffective by a number of factors including: (1) a lack of cooperation and goodwill from concerned government officers and institutions; (2) the inability to enforce its recommendations and compel public officers to respond to PCSC inquiries and concerns; and (3) manual systems of operation which undermine internal efficiency.
Segundo a PCSC (1998), os conteudos de LP precisam ser concebidos como conjunto de praticas, sintetizado nos eixos: fala/leitura-escritura, percorridos pela reflexao sobre a lingua e articulado ao projeto pedagogico da escola.
Ian Florence, PCSC, Bas Colaco, youth worker, Kelly Avery, PCSC, Coun Yvonne Mosquito, Zulfigar Khan, chair of Aston Youth Forum, and Marius Debeer, PCSC
The product development project between Tekla and the PCSC (Precast Concrete Software Consortium) was started in 2003, and had now reached its completion.
The card also has a PCSC driver for EAP-SIM or other applications that require a smart-card interface.
Rance Poehler, president of PCSC, calls the unit "a lightweight, compact, go-anywhere, do-anything notebook that won't fade to black the first time it is shaken or stirred.
The PCSC was audited by an internationally recognized company in February of that year, and in May a list of all equity holdings of the PA was published.
cited the Mobile Data Display as the latest in a long line of Panasonic innovations including the first notebook PCs with integrated CD-ROM, DVD, Telco line tester, and the product that helped put PCSC on the map: the revolutionary fully ruggedized Toughbook CF-25 notebook PC.
Some of the money was used to help cover the Palestinian Authority's operating expenses, but the bulk was saved or invested through the Palestinian Commercial Services Company, or PCSC, which is fully owned by the Palestinian Authority.