PCSEPanel-Corrected Standard Error (econometrics)
PCSEPower, Cooling and Space Efficiency
PCSEPacific Coast Stock Exchange
PCSEPhysics, Computer Science and Engineering (academic department)
PCSEPassenger Car Space Equivalent (transportation engineering)
PCSEParallel Computing in Science and Engineering (seminar)
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2009): "A Monte Carlo Evaluation of the Efficiency of the PCSE Estimator", Applied Economics Letters 17(1), 7-10.
From those statistical tests we derive the appropriate estimation techniques for our two regressions (the specific variants of PCSE cross-section time series models).
In this PCSE modeling, either before the alliance or after it, most estimates associated with the estimated parameters show statistical significance for a significance level of 1%.
En caso de que exista autocorrelacion en los residuales debera reestimarse previamente del modelo debido a que la metodologia de PCSE asume que estos errores no se encuentran autocorrelacionados, por lo tanto, en este escenario se debera implementar un metodo para aplicar PCSE como el de Prais-Winsten (Johnston, 1989).
Estrogenic activity of PCSE and each solvent fraction was screened by yeast transactivation assay and the E-screen assay.
Les erreurs types utilisees pour le calcul des statistiques t ont ete generees avec la methode PCSE (Panel Corrected Standard Errors) tel que suggere par Beck et Katz (1995).
A crucial assumption for the method of PCSE is that the errors are free of serial correlation.
Econometric estimates (dependent variable: employment rate) (1999-2005) ER Fixed effects Correlated PCSE (fe) * Coeff.
I would also like to thank the PCSE Working Group for its helpful comments.
In July, OT reported that PCSE had tasked a specialist team with reconciling payments for General Ophthalmic Services (COS) between January 2016 and March 2017 after practitioners experienced long delays.