PCSWPermanent Commission on the Status of Women (Hartford, CT)
PCSWPublic Centre of Social Welfare (Belgium)
PCSWPresidential Commission on the Status of Women
PCSWPulaski County Sheltered Workshop (Richland, MO)
PCSWPima County Solid Waste (Arizona)
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On the occasion, PCSW presented its annual performance report 2016-17, which was received by Ms Khattak on behalf of the chief minister, who was unable to attend the meeting as he was accompanying PTI chairman Imran Khan during his visit to Peshawar.
I hope this collaboration with PCSW means that our members, both men and women can play a constructive role for empowering women in Punjab.
Through its 24/7 helpline, PCSW has provided women with a redressal mechanism for individual grievances and
She said PCSW has a broad mandate, ranging from review of laws, rules, policies, programs and other measures of the government; to monitoring implementation of laws and policies for achievement of gender equality and elimination of discrimination against women.
Indeed, when Kennedy convened the PCSW, women in America could be excluded from juries, lacked access to oral contraceptives and abortion, and could not even secure credit in their own names.
Students who are sexually harassed by their peers experience numerous mental health symptoms that include loss of appetite; loss of interest in their usual activities; nightmares or disturbed sleep; feelings of isolation from friends and family; and feeling sad, nervous, threatened, upset, or angry (AAUW Educational Foundation, 1993; Fineran & Bennett, 1999; PCSW, 1995; Stein et al.
48) It was through her involvement in the PCSW that Pauli Murray, a veteran civil rights lawyer and activist, pioneered a new strategy for feminist legal advocacy that relied on the recently revived Fourteenth Amendment.
President Kennedy issued an executive order creating the PCSW in December 1961.
It was attended by advocate Tayyaba Abbasi, Viqarun Nisa college principal Saira Mufti, Social Welfare Deputy Director Rukhsana Naz, Diya Foundation President Ayesha Rehman, Peace and Development programme manager Qudsia Mehmood, PCSW Divisional Coordinator Qaiser Mehmud Rana and teachers and students.
Additional Commissioner (Coordination) Rawalpindi Division Tariq Salam Marwat was the chief guest while Advocate Supreme Court Tayyaba Abassi, Principal Viqar-un-Nisa College Dr Saira Mufti, Deputy Director Social Welfare Rukhsana Naz, Programme Manager Peace and Development Foundation Qudsia Mehmood, Divisional Coordinator PCSW Qaiser Mehmud Rana, teachers and students attended the event.
LAHORE -- Chairperson of Punjab Commission on Status of Women, Fauzia Waqar has said that PCSW is making all out measures for gender equality and empowerment that is a must for sustainable economic development of the country.
According to a spokesman of PCSW, the core aim of the campaign was to raise awareness regarding gender based violence, its prevalence and effects on women, and highlight the importance of sensitisation among stakeholders in order to end this concerning reality.