PCTFEPacific Centre of Thermal-Fluids Engineering (symposium)
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Abbreviations: BP = body-powered, DIP = distal interphalangeal, MCP = metacarpophalangeal, PCTFE = polychlorotrifluoroethylene, PIP = proximal interphalangeal.
Bridging the gap between PCTFE laminates and Cold-Form-Foil are ALU-LOOK[TM] thermoformable films that mimic the metallic looks of CFF.
A comprehensive review and investigation into this problem for PTFE, FEP, PEA, and PCTFE, including chemistry, surface topography, depth of etch, and depth profile for functional groups, can be found in many publications from the University of Connecticut and others (23-25).
Requiring only 40 psig actuating air pressure to function in systems ranging from vacuum to 500 psig, the patent-pending design utilizes surface mount technology to reduce leak paths, internal volume and dead volume, and PCTFE seats to eliminate leaks.
PRODUCTS 31 General 31 PTFE 35 Applications & Markets 37 Types 39 Granular 40 Fine Powder 42 Dispersion 44 Micronized Powder 46 FEP 48 Resin Demand 48 Applications & Markets 50 Fluoroelastomers 52 Applications & Markets 54 Types 56 Standard 57 Specialty 60 PVDF 64 Resin Demand 64 Applications & Markets 66 Other Fluoropolymers 67 Applications & Markets 68 Types 70 PFA 71 ETFE 72 PCTFE 73 ECTFE 74 All Other 74 IV.
Sites on three continents provide mono PVC and PP films, high barrier laminates containing COC and PCTFE (Aclar[R] and VapoShield[TM], sustainable blister films, as well as lidding and pouch laminates.
These blister films contain PCTFE Aclar [R] UltRx6000 thermoform film and provide pharmaceutical blister packaging with an especially high barrier against moisture.
The accompanying table provides data on the properties of two new PCTFE fluoropolymers designed to provide high moisture barrier to multi-layer pharmaceutical and chemical bottles and monolayer tubing.
Tekniflex PGA and PGOA films are based on multilayer lamination constructions using PETG, EVOH, and PCTFE (polychloro-trifluoroethylene).
The primary product family consists of laminations of PVC, polyester, or other polymer webs laminated to PCTFE (Aclar[R] or VapoShield[TM]) films.