PCTSPatient Care Technology Systems (Mission Viejo, CA)
PCTSPOSIX Conformance Test Suite
PCTSPolk County Transit Services
PCTSProfessional Communication and Translation Studies (International Conference)
PCTSProgram Correspondence Tracking System
PCTSProject Closure Tracking System (construction software)
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As a structured, standards-based framework for nursing practice, PCTS was designed to reduce clinical quality variance among Army healthcare organizations through the adoption of established internal and external best practices (U.
PCTS specializes in biocides for environmentally friendly water-based paints that meet stringent health and safety, as well as environmental standards.
3M is a worldwide leader in technology and healthcare innovation, and through our collaboration we will be able to extend the reach of hand hygiene compliance automation," said Tony Marsico, president and chief executive officer of PCTS.
PCTS will utilize AeroScout's Wi-Fi-based Active RFID solution, which includes Wi-Fi tags, MobileView software and Exciters for choke-point capabilities, to provide hospitals with accurate location and status information for equipment, patients and staff.
In 2006, PCTS announced the integration of real-time location systems to automatically capture the real-time location of patients, staff and assets.
The PCTS software applies business process intelligence based on location, movement and interactions between patients, staff and mobile medical equipment in order to recognize and communicate patient care milestones as they occur.
Earlier this year, PCTS announced its partnership with Sonitor Technologies to integrate ultrasound locating with its tracking and charting systems.
We thank our customers for adopting automatic tracking software to help streamline patient care in their emergency and surgical services departments," said Tony Marsico, CEO of PCTS.
The ultrasound locating technology from Sonitor represents a compelling new alternative for collecting accurate, room or sub-room-level location data," said Tony Marsico, CEO of PCTS.
PCTS, the leading provider of automatic patient and asset tracking software in North America, markets systems designed to orchestrate the specific workflows in emergency departments and surgical services suites in addition to providing asset tracking throughout a healthcare enterprise.
Albert Einstein Medical Center, a level 1 trauma center that treats over 70,000 patient visits annually, will be integrating the software with its existing automatic patient and asset tracking software from PCTS later this year.