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PCUProgressive Care Unit
PCUPower Control Unit
PCUPre-Commissioning Unit
PCUPrimary Care Unit (hospital)
PCUProject Coordination Unit
PCUPeak Concurrent Users (online gaming)
PCUPhilippine Christian University (Manila, Philippines)
PCUPacket Control Unit
PCUProtective Combat Uniform
PCUPhotoconductor Unit (photocopier)
PCUPower Conversion Unit
PCUPower Conditioning Unit
PCUProgramme Coordination Unit
PCUPassenger Car Unit
PCUProcess Control Unit
PCUProject Coordinating Unit
PCUPort Chester University (movie)
PCUPolycarbonate Urethane
PCUPassenger Control Unit
PCUPeripheral Control Unit
PCUPolitically Correct University (movie)
PCUPrank Call Underground (internet radio)
PCUPass Christian University (online school; Sioux Falls, SD)
PCUPlatinum Cobalt Units
PCUPollution Control Unit
PCUPower Converter Unit
PCUPer Channel Use
PCUPulmonary Care Unit
PCUProgrammable Control Unit
PCUPlugin Control Unit
PCUPneumatic Control Unit (pressure sensor)
PCUPortable Computer Unit
PCUPeople of Color United
PCUPort Concentrator Unit
PCUPerimeter Control Unit
PCUPersonnel Control Unit
PCUPacket Communication Unit (mobile phone technology)
PCUProportional Counter Unit (astrophysics)
PCUPound-Calorie Unit
PCUPortable Communication Unit (computer networking)
PCUPower/Pressurization Control Unit
PCUPortable Checkout Unit
PCUPower Changeover Unit
PCUPumped Chiller Unit
PCUPound-Celsius/Centigrade Unit
PCUPhased Capability Upgrade (Lockheed Martin; US DoD)
PCUPropulsion Control Unit
PCUPlant Conservation Unit (University of Cape Town; South Africa)
PCUPinellas County Utilities (Clearwater, FL)
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You might be the role model for some one's life changing experiences,” said the Head of Marketing of PCU.
As far as I know, there are only three online games in the world that have achieved a PCU of over 1 million, including Blizzard's World of Warcraft, Netease's Fantasy Westward Journey and Giant's ZT Online.
To achieve a higher PCU output, the power devices are required to handle more power, resulting in more heat generated by the power devices.
Founded in 1946, Sterling PCU provides specialized equipment to the appliance and automotive industry.
A long-time user of the company's PCU Internet Banking, Educational Employees launched the MFA feature with its 49,000 home banking users in late October.
Elder said that while the concept of "uniform layering" has existed for years, the PCU represents the first time that an entire uniform system has been created with all pieces designed specifically to work together.
We are developing an improved in-flight procedure for reacting to a jammed PCU that will be distributed to all 737 operators.
Full-year estimates on PCU have been continuously rising and are up 60 cents over the past month to $13.
A jam of the secondary slide on the PCU was encountered in these tests when the PCU was exposed to extreme temperatures and conditions well beyond those that could be encountered during actual airplane operation.
Throughout most of USS America's life as a PCU, the bulk of the crew was engaged in training, in her future homeport of San Diego as well as in Norfolk.
The use of an alternate PCU contributes to a more efficient use of intensive care.