PCUNPineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United)
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PCUN then helped convene ten community forums throughout the state.
According to Marcy Westerling, co-director of the Rural Organizing Project, a leading advocate for gay and lesbian rights in Oregon, their strategy with PCUN has been "to create deliberate crossover movements.
PHOTO : SEGREGATION: Ramon Ramirez of the PCUN farm workers' union compares housing to apartheid.
In response, PCUN president Ramon Ramirez told the Sentinel, "Canneries can be unionized.
He pointed to a PCUN study of Marion County farmworkers' wages during the 2009 berry season.
It's gotten so bad that PCUN has begun servicing people outside of farm work," he said.
For more information on the program, contact Larry Kleinman at PCUN, (503) 982-0243, Ext.
Ramon Ramirez, executive director for the PCUN agricultural labor union in Oregon, said he believes the legislation has a good chance of passing - especially now when presidential and congressional candidates are vying for the votes of Latino Americans.
For example, the governor might ask unions to yield their right to conduct secondary boycotts, such as the lengthy one that PCUN used successfully several years ago to force processing giant Norpac into negotiations.
Bissell's support for PCUN, a Spanish acronym for the Northwest Tree Planters and Farm Worker's union, put their boycott against the farmer's cooperative Norpac on the national agenda, Miksch said.
The recent appearances of Bill Sizemore from Oregon Taxpayers United and Ramon Ramirez from PCUN (Oregon farmworkers' union) represent the diversity of the issues we address.