PCUNPineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United)
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He pointed to a PCUN study of Marion County farmworkers' wages during the 2009 berry season.
It's gotten so bad that PCUN has begun servicing people outside of farm work," he said.
In response, PCUN president Ramon Ramirez told the Sentinel, "Canneries can be unionized.
Sodexho became involved in the controversy last September, when PCUN sought the company's support in the boycott against NORPAC.
Sodexho has a strong commitment to the fair treatment of all people and we are very pleased that NORPAC and PCUN have been able to resolve their differences and come to an agreement that will help improve conditions for Oregon's farm workers while ensuring the future viability of the family-owned farms that comprise NORPAC," said Sodexho President and CEO Michel Landel.
For more information on the program, contact Larry Kleinman at PCUN, (503) 982-0243, Ext.
PCUN is asking unions to help identify NORPAC products and replace them with alternatives.
Next month, July 2000, PCUN is coordinating a farmworker tour of the Oregon fields for Canadian labour activists.
Bissell's support for PCUN, a Spanish acronym for the Northwest Tree Planters and Farm Worker's union, put their boycott against the farmer's cooperative Norpac on the national agenda, Miksch said.
The recent appearances of Bill Sizemore from Oregon Taxpayers United and Ramon Ramirez from PCUN (Oregon farmworkers' union) represent the diversity of the issues we address.