PCUPPresidential Commission for the Urban Poor (Phillipines)
PCUPPresidential Committee on University Planning (Canada)
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However, this justification was not enough to spare him and the other four commissioners of the PCUP from being sacked by Duterte.
The president also named Romeo Jandugan as PCUP commissioner, joining previously appointed commissioners Randy Halasan and Norman Brillantes Baloro.
According to him, [the PCUP is] a collegial body and they have not met as a collegial body.
Also, after receiving complaints from families burdened by interest charges and penalties imposed by the NHA, the PCUP initiated a participatory data-gathering activity to determine the extent of the problem.
Ridon, a lawyer and a former youth activist-turned-congressman before he was appointed by Duterte to the PCUP, had been heavily identified as a left-winger.
The PCUP welcomes Speaker Alvarezs position as part of the Duterte administrations commitment to the Filipino poor he added.
We thank them for their support of President Rodrigo Duterte's pronouncement of 'No demolition without relocation',' Jamora said in a statement as the PCUP greenlighted the project's clearing operations during a predemolition conference.
Duterte had fired PCUP chair Terry Ridon and the agency's four commissioners in December.
Duterte fired PCUP chief Terry Ridon early December for his supposed several junkets abroad and the commission's failure to hold meetings as a collegial body.
According to the President, during his over one-year term at PCUP, Ridon travelled abroad several times and seemed to have enjoyed a lavish lifestyle which was inconsistent with his role as head of an urban poor agency.
As such, for LGBT representation in the PCUP to be truly inclusive, in depth consultations must be held to ensure that the Commission can fully address the issues and concerns of [LGBT, Queer, Intersex and Allies] people across these different sectors,' it said.
The decision to invite men like Efren Penaflorida (for the PCUP portfolio) based on merit alone is a good beginning.