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PCVPositive Crankcase Ventilation
PCVPollution Control Valve
PCVPacked Cell Volume
PCVPneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine
PCVPartido Comunista de Venezuela
PCVPeace Corps Volunteer
PCVPassenger Carrying Vehicle
PCVPressure Control Valve
PCVPath Coding Violation (error condition)
PCVP-Bit Coding Violation (Adtran)
PCVPressure Controlled Ventilation
PCVPolycythemia Vera (blood disorder)
PCVPercevoir (French: Reverse Charge Call)
PCVPolypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy
PCVPrescribed Concentration or Value (UK drinking water quality)
PCVPowered Combat Vest (gaming)
PCVPiercing the Corporate Veil
PCVPermanent Capital Vehicle (investing)
PCVProduct Category Volume (retail economics)
PCVPlanned Closing Version
PCVPrime de Cherté de Vie (French: Premium Cost of Living)
PCVPoker Club Valognais (French poker club; Valognes, France)
PCVProduct Control Valve
PCVProtection Class Validation (insurance)
PCVPoster Completion Voucher
PCVPayable Chez Vous (French)
PCVPerformance, Certification, Verification (test)
PCVPersonal Color Viewer (software)
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For example, WHO/United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) estimates for PCV third-dose coverage were 72% for 2011 and 81% for 2012 (compared with DHIS figures of 89% and 98%, respectively), and 72% for 2011 and 78% for 2012 for the RV second dose (compared with DHIS figures of 78% and 100%, respectively).
2008) find that LMX moderates the relationship between PCB and PCV, such that the positive relationship is stronger for subordinates in low-quality relationships with their supervisors.
Editor's Note: The author was a PCV in Fes, Morocco, from 1997 to 2000.
9) Alternatively, free-ranging nestling BAEA have a mean (SD) lower PCV (32% [+ or -] 4%), higher TP (4.
Infants given the less painful DPTaP-Hib vaccine before the more painful PCV experienced less pain overall when compared with those given the vaccines in the reverse order.
As exigencias liquidas para ganho de peso corporal foram obtidas a partir das quantidades de macrominerais depositadas por ganho de PCV, utilizando-se um fator obtido da razao entre peso corporal (PC) e PCV.
The MarSurf GD 25 roughness drive unit and PCV 200 contour drive are attached via a twin mount to the same measuring stand.
I was just coming back to it when the chap was looking round and he said I should have a PCV licence.
During the four-year degree course, which resulted in a 2:1 degree, he spent his year out in the Midlands where he gained his PCV licence.
The overall hematocrit control limit range was 26-30% packed cell volume (PCV) for the low control and 43-49% PCV for the high control.
A cette occasion, le secretaire general du PPS, Nabil Benabdellah a adresse au secretaire general du PCV une invitation pour assister au 9eme congres national du PPS, prevu les 30 et 31 mai et 1er juin 2014.