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PCVPositive Crankcase Ventilation
PCVPollution Control Valve
PCVPacked Cell Volume
PCVPneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine
PCVPartido Comunista de Venezuela
PCVPeace Corps Volunteer
PCVPassenger Carrying Vehicle
PCVPressure Control Valve
PCVPath Coding Violation (error condition)
PCVP-Bit Coding Violation (Adtran)
PCVPressure Controlled Ventilation
PCVPolycythemia Vera (blood disorder)
PCVPercevoir (French: Reverse Charge Call)
PCVPolypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy
PCVPrescribed Concentration or Value (UK drinking water quality)
PCVPowered Combat Vest (gaming)
PCVPiercing the Corporate Veil
PCVPermanent Capital Vehicle (investing)
PCVProduct Category Volume (retail economics)
PCVPlanned Closing Version
PCVPrime de Cherté de Vie (French: Premium Cost of Living)
PCVPoker Club Valognais (French poker club; Valognes, France)
PCVProduct Control Valve
PCVProtection Class Validation (insurance)
PCVPoster Completion Voucher
PCVPayable Chez Vous (French)
PCVPerformance, Certification, Verification (test)
PCVPersonal Color Viewer (software)
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Choi et al showed that PCV offered a better compliance and lower peak pressures than VCV, but there were no advantages over VCV in hemodynamics.
In addition to studies involving laparoscopic abdominal surgery, PCV was the subject of research in thoracic surgery as well (8-12).
Currently, there is no uniform classification system for PCV based on its angiographic characteristics.
Pearson's correlation coefficients indicate PCV is significantly correlated to job satisfaction (JS) (r= -0.
PCV has already committed close to a million dollars to small businesses in the East Bay.
PCV diagnosis was based on the detection of hyperfluorescent polypoidal focal choroidal vascular dilations and/or BVN lesions on ICGA, especially within the first 6 minutes.
In the present study three cut-off points for PCV and Hb were used for calculating the sensitivity and specificity of the FAMACHA[C] system because there is no specific cut-off point for PCV and Hb that could use to classify the animals to healthy and anemic [3].
My intention in choosing PCV 10 in 2012 was to be able to cover for more Filipinos and realize savings of P231 million or an additional 124,000 children vaccinated," he said.
PCV impact on pneumonia diagnosed by chest radiography in Mongolia).
Ona issued a certificate of exemption for PCV 10 instead for the cost-effective PCV 13.